NOTD - Nails In High Definition with Sally Hansen!

Helloooooo there sweet readers!  Today I found myself waking up with that Friday feeling…to only then realize that it was in actual fact Thursday & still 2 whole days until the weekend…  *cue suicidal dive off cloud back down to earth* Gutted I was. Oh well! Not long to go eh?  This weekend one of the main highlights will be a movie date with the bestie to go watch Ted! Haha! How awesome does this film look? Been wanting to see it ever since watching the trailer, can’t wait! In fact saddo that I am I find myself taking in the hilarious lines from the movie & actually relating to that super cute bear…(after car collision) Ted: “Sorry my bad, I was sending a tweet” <------ THATS ME!!!! LOL! Errr not that I’ve had a SERIOUS accident mind you whilst in a moving vehicle AND tweeting or anything…yet. :-/

Today’s NOTD is brought to you my lovelies by one of my most bargainous finds in that magical & mystical land we like to call POUNDLAND.  Oh yes, my love for this shop has grown considerably after discovering it as a dark horse for makeup shopping! Nail polish to be precise. I’ve had many successful missions within this place, leaving with treasures such as Revlon polish’s (RRP for around £6!) & in this case some Sally Hansens too, which are really hard to get hold of in the UK! Good times!
On a recent trip I picked up this particular Sally Hansen HD polish in shade 04 Hi Def, which caught my eye immediately as it’s just the most awesome, glossy & vibrant shade of green. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea with its brightness but it’s definitely quite different to any other polish I have so I had to grab it!  

I love how the colour seems to shift from a bright apple green with a touch of gold in some lighting, to a glossy lime & even slightly mint at different angles! It actually reminds me of those chocolate lime sweets I used to eat as a child! Haha trust me to make a food related comparison ;)

The consistency of the Sally Hansen HD is actually quite thin, so a good 3 coats is required to achieve opacity. Even though I’m a religious 2 coater, this doesn’t bother me too much. I’m definitely wanting more of these as I’ve seen the other shades within the HD collection & they look GORG! As you can see, I had one of my random nail arty moments & popped on a little black star jewel on to the tips, why not? ;)

So I guess I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled in that regular haunt of mine for other colours from this line. Though I anticipate it won’t be easy since it’s an old collection! But I shall not give in on this quest for polish…

Thanks as always for reading me lovelies! Have you found any bargains lately? 

Lotsa love to ya!

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