Make Up Savvy's Nail Challenge - Gradient Nails

Hey there lovely readers, Happy Friday! In my head I’m hearing a cheer of Olympics stadium proportions with a few fist pumps in to the air thrown in :) As usual I am tearfully grateful to see our friend the weekend again after this week’s manic-ness that was work, my favourite part definitely being the power cut we experienced in the last hours of today. Let me tell ya, working in near darkness in sweltering heat is A LOT OF FUN, you have no idea. Anyhoos after crawling out of the workplace, shielding our eyes from the brightness like a bunch of hermits, it was definitely with a sigh of relief to come home, whack on a suitably summery dress, most of which were gathering dust in that wardrobe & breath in the lovely smells of a barbie…good times :)
For the past week I’ve really enjoyed following Makeup Savvy’s15 Day Nail Challenge, in case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, the lovely Fee started up this challenge about a week ago in which each day, there’s a different nail polish theme, which is then re-created by herself & lots of lovely other bloggers on that day! Such a fab idea & I’ve so loved looking at all the posts of each of the bloggers different interpretations of the days theme. Found some fab new blogs through it too! I would so love to have fully taken part in the challenge but time & work just got in the way! Boo! So albeit being late, I really wanted to join in with the fun too so today's NOTD is my take for today’s challenge which happens to be GRADIENT NAILS, but seeing as I’m a tad behind, I thought I’d incorporate a bit of RED & GLITTER too from previous days themes! :D

Now I have absolutely NO CLUE how to do proper gradient nails, a fact that is quite clear here, but it is something that is on my list of things to rectify in my nail polish obsessed life. So I opted to go for a little glitter gradient instead! The red is Nails Inc Villiers Street, this is actually my besties favourite red polish EVER & I can see why, it really is gorguz, I love how it looks almost foil like with its satin-y glossiness. This was two coats.

 Why I decided to keep the gradient so close to the tip I have NO IDEA, but ideally I would’ve liked to take the gradient a bit further down the nail…will just put it down to heat stroke from work. The red glitter is also another beauty from Nails Inc, Trafalgar Square. On its own it’s actually pretty ‘meh but on top of another red…hello sparkly goodness! This I applied on the tips & over the entire ring finger.

The other entries for today’s challenge have just been mind blowing, I really want to learn how to do PROPER gradient nails! It WILL BE DONE ;D Tomorrow’s theme is metallic nails, again looking forward to seeing everyone’s!

Thanks for reading as always lovelies! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Wow this looks so pretty! The added glitter is just perfect.

    1. Aww thanks Janine! So nice of you to say! :) xoxo

  2. I need to learn how to gradient nails. I still can't do them!

    1. Aaaah me too lovey! Been having a looky at lots of tutorials, its seems to be relatively straightforward using sponge? Won't speak too soon though, will no doubt make a complete hash job of it! :D xoxo


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