OOTD - Parisian Palazzo-ness

Bonjour mon petit choux! Comment ca va? And that right about there ends my knowledge of the French language… But this is something I intend to work on ASAP! To be bi-lingual would be a great skill (hell I have a hard enough time with English these days) & French is a language I would actually really love to learn & my lovely French colleague at work has the most fabulous & challenging task of teaching me key sentences at the moment, whilst enduring what is no doubt a most god awful accent on my part. Lucky thing. Though so far we haven’t gotten much farther than French swear words…
Moving on, here’s a quick Outfit of The Day to share with ya lovelies with a little Parisian touch in the form of a Beret hat. Blatant, typical stereo-typing perhaps? Maybe. But hey, I can’t help but feel an outfit is nicely French-ed up & complete with the added addition of a Beret hat. 
I have a soft spot for this outfit as not only is it in my fav colour combo of black & white, it is also super-duper comfy, perfect for lounging around in PLUS is almost entirely handmade. :D Boom.
The baggy black silk Palazzo-esque pants were made for me buy an aunt of mine & fit on the waist just perfectly. I’d been wanting a pair of Palazzo pants for yonks but every single pair I’d tried just drowned me with the waist line ending just beneath my chin (the tribulations of being a midge *sigh*) so you can imagine my absolute delight in receiving these. They are super comfy & flow around the legs in a most delightful airy way without ballooning out & making me feel like an extra from Aladdin.
The white & black gypsy-esque blouse was also tailor made ages ago by a family friend for my mumma, which she decided to pass on to an eager me,  so I don’t know, would that make it vintage? ;-). The little cardi is not handmade sadly, but picked up from the beloved Primarni, with the black suede pumps being an H&M purchase. And of course not forgetting the beloved Beret hat courtesy of Accessorize.  LA FIN.<------see? Progress.

Thanks for reading my little poussins! Do you own a pair of Palazzo pants? How do you feel about these baggy trousers? Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. I LOVE this fab outfit - I am desperate for some palazzos... do you think your aunty would me up a pair??

    As for French, well I wish you all the best... during my time in France all I learned to say was "I'm not English, I'm Australian" (very important!). Have a gorgeous weekend!

    Sarah xxx

    1. Awwww my darling Sarah! I would love nothing more than to have my aunt make up a pair for ya only she doesn't live here anymore! *sad face* We need to get you some palazzo pants lady! Haha lol! I will for sure learn those words first & foremost before anything else ;) You too babe! xoxo

  2. Blimey, your outfit is HOT ma cherie! xo

    1. Well bonjour my little mermaid! Hope you're good! Awww merci! :D xoxo

  3. Sooo sweet THANKS :) very nice blog. Cant believe I wasnt following you :)


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