NOTD - Olympics Inspired Mani & Ldnbloggermeet!

Hey there my sweets! Hope you are all having a glorious weekend. Today has been a complete & utter veg fest, relaxing in bed, catching up on blogs, eating (oh the eating) with a nap thrown in here & there. I do heart lazy Sundays. Yesterday I met up with my lovely friend Saf in Covent Garden & together we trotted off to the ldnbloggermeet get together that the super sweetheart Emma organised. We had such a fab time & it was so nice to meet some lovely new bloggers whilst enjoying some good food & drink plus a bit o’ sneaky shopping of course! Thanks again to Emma for arranging the meet, looking forward to the next one! 
                              L-R Amy, Laura, Faye, Emma, Hannah, Aisling, Me, Saf & Daisy

So with the Olympics just around the corner now, I couldn’t resist getting in to the spirit of things with an Olympics inspired mani! Well…my attempt at one anyhoos. FYI me angels? Free-handing hoops on to nails is VERY HARD. And a big pain in the bum. But hey ho, I decided to go with the flo & in the words of Mastermind…I’ve started, so I’ll finish… & this was the end result…
Haha! Whatchya think? It…ermmm…looked MUCH better from a distance. ;p I decided to do the Olympic rings across the middle three fingers on a white base & used a nail art brush to paint on the extremely wonky & unevenly sized rings. But hey, who wants all the hoops to be the same width, length & size anyways? That just won’t look as interesting.
For the remaining two fingers I used a black base & painted some gold, silver & bronze medals on to the thumb attached to red ribbon using again my nail art brushes & dotting tools. Finally on the little finger I did a little Olympic torch, painting on the torch with a nail art brush, before creating a bright, sparkly flame using a Gold Barry M dazzle dust. To do the flame I just applied a bit of glitter polish in the area I wanted the flame, and then whilst still wet, added the dazzle dust on top & blew across the nail to create a flame like effect.  
Finally here are the polish’s I used for this mani!
 Models Own Hed Kandi in Disco Heaven - Flame
 Collection 2000 in Milkshake - Torch
 Barry M in Spring Green - Green Ring
 Rimmel in Sunshine - Yellow Ring
 Barry M Dazzle Dust Shade 96 (gold) - Flame
 Models Own in 25 Carat Gold - Gold Medal
 WetnWild in Rustic - Bronze medal
 No7 in Snowflake - White base 
 Face Of Australia Molten Metallics in Titanium - Silver Medal
 Barry M in Black - Black base & Black Ring
 MUA in Shade 9 - Blue Ring

 Collection 2000 Maxiflex in Blazing Red - Red Ring & Medal Ribbons

Blimey didn’t realise there were so many! Thanks as always for reading my beauts! Have you done an Olympics inspired mani? If so do let me know as I’d love to see! Are you ready for the Olympics? *looks out at the pouring rain*

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Hope you had a lovely time, those nails look lovely x

    Simple Beauty Bag

  2. Holy guacamole - that's the most fabulously complicated manicure I've ever seen! What a fab blogger meet up! Sarah xxx

    1. Haha! Aww you are too kind Sarah, thank you my love! :) xoxo

  3. oh that IS alot of polishes for one nil look. but who cares! haha

    im having giveaway on my blog incase youre interested


    1. Hehe I DID get a bit excited with them didn't I? Oh well, at least they're all getting usage! Thanks hun xoxo

  4. Oh I love the Olympic rings, they're fab :) xx

    1. Awww thank you Steph! Hope you're well sweety xoxo


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