A Bit O' Beauty Hauling...Haaaii! :D

Well hey there my beautiful strangers! Blimey tis been a while non? How have all of you lovelies been? Hope you’re keeping well, & my it does feel good to be back on the ol’ lappy top again that’s for sure :) To be honest I just needed a bit of a break, not from here mind you, I love blogging life too much! But work stress amongst other things were getting to me a tad, hence the lack of posts, so I decided to high tail it to my fav city London this weekend past to spend some fun & all round chilling times catching up with friends including my beautiful fellow blogger babes Halima & Amina :) Was definitely JUST what I needed, had the most amaze time as I always do when with these gems & I’m already looking forward to the next get together! :D 

                                                                            Me, Halima & Amina <3

For today's post I thought I’d share with you some hauling of the makeup/beauty variety that I’ve done lately (more than is absolutely needed, but hey…what can I say? Beauty blogger innit? I MAY have a problem) including a few favorites that have been re-purchased.  I of course visited that mecca of mine that I always find the time to “just pop in & browse (*cough* spend! *)” within…Boots! :D

I’ve been using No7’s skincare range for a while, the Soft & Soothed Cleanser & Toner are perfect for my skin & keep it feeling clean & fresh in the morning, but I am currently looking into other brands for skincare to try, the names that seem to be quite popular are Caudalie & Kiels? Any recs will be most welcome. As you know I loved the Garnier BB Cream, so when finding myself with a £5 voucher for No7, decided to pick up the No 7 BB Cream (RRP £12.95) to try out also! Will let ya know how I get on. Of course no beauty haul is complete for me without a polish purchase, so I finally allowed myself to get the divine looking Sparkling by Revlon, its pink…& its glitter…BOOM! And speaking of pink, I stumbled across this Limited Edition No7 lippie “Brigette” on the clearance shelf for a baragainous few quid so into the basket it flew! It IS out of my comfort zone ya might say…think BARBIE…but what the hey!

The clearance shelf also had a few other goodies on it including this base coat from Total Nail RX that will hopefully strengthen up my weak nails, as well as this fab nail polish remover pen which I am absolutely devastated to learn has been discontinued! I’ve loved using these for cleaning up around the nail quickly & easily so pretty gutted about that :( I also grabbed me another pot of Pretty Quik nail polish remover (RRP £2.50) an ace product which I’ve blogged about before, such a quick & easy way of removing nail polish! Love it :)
I also grabbed these awesome polka dot Nailease nail wraps, which I’ve used before & loved, some small rubber bands because…well you can never have too many of those right? & some make up sponges too, not just for my makeup needs but I also want to work on my sponging technique with nail polish ;)

 Please excuse the god awful quality of the pics, you know when some days your camera absolutely refuses to cooperate despite you taking 60323461 photos? This was one such day. Anyhoo, the last few items I picked up in this haul was my, now regularly re-purchased face powder of choice, Rimmel’s Match Perfection Compact Powder in 201 Classic Beige (RRP £5.99). I use this powder every day, sometimes even alone when I want to wear light makeup, it’s great for giving a smooth, matte finish & is the perfect shade match for me. I don’t know about you lovelies but I HATE having to find foundation matches, especially in department stores where the EVIL light tricks you! Let’s just say I’ve had experiences where I thought the shade I’d picked was perfect only to find once worn it looked like I’d been seriously Tango-ed! Hmm. The other item I picked up which is another re-purchase is the Loreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss (RRP £6.49) I am absolutely LOVING felt tip style eye liners at the mo, they are so quick & easy to use for creating a pretty flick & this one is perfect for that. The dense sponge like tip makes it very easy to draw on a nice smooth non-wonky line, it really is brill! :)

And thus we reach the end of this beauty haul…for the time being! Lol! Thanks so much as always for stopping by my dears! Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourites at the mo?

Lotsa love to ya! 


  1. Lovely haul and allmyoumladies look gorgeous ! Xx

  2. awww thank you lovely! :) xoxo


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