OOTD - "Googly Eyed"

Hi there me dears, how are we? Feeling a tad…erm vulnerable at this current moment I’ll be honest with ya, you know those most odd kind of folk who swear that their whole life proceeds to fall apart the moment they lose that life line of theirs that is their phone?? *raises hand* Guilty as charged. Pretty sure I’m not alone in this, yes?…YES?!  In my extreme eagerness to leave work today, too busy was I, skipping out of the work place in a most jolly Disney movie-esqe fashion, I was blissfully unaware until I’d gotten home that I had left my little one behind…*sniffs*

But I’m fine, no really fine…completely, like TOTALLY fine...fine. Dearest blackberry will be back in my possession tomorrow morn, which will hopefully come round before ya can say OCD. :-/
Anyhoo in an effort to take my mind of such predicament, unfold arms currently wrapped around knees & pick myself up from rocking back & forth, here is quick outfit of the day from recent sunny days...

       Dress - Bay, Trousers - River Island, Cardi - H&M, Slingbacks - Debenhams

‘Googly Eye’ dress, previously referred to as ‘The Dress Has Eyes’ but immediately vito-ed as I don’t DO horror movies, so that would’ve just been hypocritical really. Picked up on sale many moons ago from that old store Bay Trading which sadly closed down! *sad face* Tis a lovely light material perfick for the hot spells England has been enjoying lately & I do love the print ;)
 The peep toe kitten heel slingbacks from Debenhams are a fave of mine, paired with many outfits as they are muchos comfy & kitten heels are def my favourite type of heel to opt for, giving a little added height without making you feel half paralyzed at the end of the day. Fabulous.
                                         Glass Beads - Gifted, Earrings - Gifted, Rings - Primark

The accessories to go with the outfit included some pretty pearly beads lovingly bestowed upon me by my sweet cousin of four who kindly cast me in the roll of Princess in our most recent game of dress up & every Princess needs a necklace of beads don't she? Hey, I wasn’t complaining, thought they went well with the outfit & it made a nice change from the roll of evil witch that I’m usually cast as…was beginning to think she was trying to indirectly tell me something…Hmm.   :-/

Thanks for reading gems! Time to get back to an evening of withdrawal symptoms…fun times & Family Guy on the telly, always feel a bit better after a dose of  Stewie ;) Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Yes I know the feeling, it's completely normal. Great accessories btw!

    1. *phew!* thank god for that ;) Thank you lovely! xoxo

  2. I LOVE the dress! I wouldn't be able to help myself - I would paint each eye a different colour... probably with glitter! Sarah xxx

    1. OH. MY. GOD....that would look friggin amaaaaazing Sarah! Haha you would be able to spot me from Space! Glitter power :D xoxo


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