New Models Own Beetlejuice & Hed Kandi Polish's! First Up...Disco Heaven NOTD!

Good day to ya my lovely readers, how are we? Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend? Oh & a happy first of the month to ya & April Fools Day too! Haha! Have we been the brunt of any jokes yet? April Fools Day has a different meaning in our household if you will, in that its Miss kitty herself Hoshi’s birthday! Yes I kid you not; our little dope of a pet was born on this day, a fact that amuses us muchly. It all just makes so much sense… ;) 

Sooo my fellow polish addicts, I’m sure you’ve heard that Models Own have been busy bees lately & released a coupla exciting new collections including not one but THREE brand spanking new BEETLEJUICE colours for the summer!! Oh yes! If you follow my blog you’ll KNOW how insanely excited I was when the first Beetlejuice polish’s came out, so pretty they were in all their unique duo-chromeness & loved each & every one of them I did! The colours from the collection were Pinky Brown, Purple Blue, Golden Green, Aqua Violet & Emerald Black & each was as lovely as the other. The new colours in the collection are equally as stunning looking! If that wasn’t enough Models Own have also joined forces with Hed Kandi & released an exclusive nail polish collection inspired by the party capital of the word Ibiza. The collection consists of 5 polishes including some pretty neon shades including blue, yellow & coral, but the two that grabbed me of course were the stunning glitters! 
So when passing my local Boots you can guess who near passed out when I saw BOTH collections there in all their glory waiting to be taking home with moi. The icing on the cake was that Boots currently have their fab 3 for 2 deal going! So once I had regained consciousness & the heart rate had just about returned to normal, I grabbed the polishes like a woman possessed & come home with me they did…hehe!
         L-R Tropical Sun, Indian Ocean, Copper Pot, Ibiza Mix, Disco Heaven, Pink Fizz

*sigh* Can ya blame me? Aren’t they pretty?! The new Beetlejuice colours Indian Ocean, Tropical Sun & Copper Pot look absolutely beautiful & it’s nice that Model Own made a bit more of an effort with naming these ones! Haha! And the Hed Kandi glitters looks just insane, literally a party in a bottle! As there was 3 for 2 going I decided to finally pick up Pink Fizz too :) 

So when it came to which polish would go on these nails first, many have been talking about the Ibiza Mix, which is definitely pretty for sure but for moi it was Disco Heaven that won! A stunning golden glitter disco bomb of a polish, it is packed filled with not just pretty gold glitters but a few larger blue & green glitters dotted here & there too. I’d recently seen swatches of gold glitter applied over a hot pink & really loved so decided to layer this beautiful glitter over a gorguz Miss Sporty pink polish that doesn’t have a name sadly! Just a number “380”, I’m weird in that I need polishes to have names…but it’s a really lovely bright pink shade with a subtle blue shimmer running through, YUM! On to the piccies??

Wowzah! Loves. It! The pics seriously do NOT do this justice my lovelies, it looks even more blingy in real life! The pink & gold combo also is definitely a hit with moi, so pretty! Truly cannot wait to try the others so stay tuned for swatches of the new Beetlejuice colours too!

Models Own polishes retail for £5 each & are available in Boots & online. Have you picked up any of the new collections? What do you think? Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. So shiny! And sparkly! And prettyyyy! I only have pink fizz from the ones you're showing, but I'll get all their glitters at one time. I'm just waiting for the *ahem* inspiration to come!
    The combination is gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing lovely!

    1. Aren't they gorguz hun?! Ooooh haha hope the inspiration comes soon as you NEED these in your life Ria! Aww you're most welcome & thank you hun! xoxo

  2. nice.. :-)
    i like your blog we can follow each other if you want..

  3. they look gorgeous together! i do love a bit of models own :D


    1. thank you hun :) The moment I saw this pretty gold glitter I knew I wanted to try it over a hot pink & I LOVE IT! Me too, my Models Own collection is growing quite rapidly!! ;) xoxo

  4. ohh amazingg nails!!!!
    i like your blog
    if you want we can follow each other
    lots of love :D


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