NOTD - Pink Lemonade (Well Hello Models Own Pink Fizz Dupe!) ;D

Evening to ya cupcakes! Isn’t it pleasant to come home after a long (oh so very long) day’s work & still have some lovely daylight outside to enjoy? :) Although I have to say, as nice as it is, putting a pleasant smile on this face rather than the usual grimace as if in in pain that’s normally the facial expression of choice after work, I do confess I am missing that extra hour spent in the land of nod! But hey, let’s hope the sun will compensate that ;)

Carrying on if you will from that extremely bargainous of bargains polish haul post I blogged about last time including those stunning LA Colors & Revlon polishes, I can’t believe I forgot to give this little polish here a mention! It’s one I also stumbled across recently, in Matalan of all places & it just so happens that this polish also cost me no more than a pound! Well what can I say? When a girl’s on roll…Haha!
Firstly apologies for the god awful pics loves, snapped these last thing at night & completely forgot to photo the next day which was an incredibly retarded move on my part because it actually looked so darn pretty in daylight! *smacks head*  

 Going by the title “Pink Lemonade” this polish is jam packed with prettyful baby pink glitters in a clear base & my first thoughts when gazing at this polish was “Ooooh possible Models Own Pink Fizz dupe?!?!” A lovely polish that I haven’t managed to get my clutches on yet! :( Looking at it after & comparing it to swatches I’ve seen I’d say it wasn’t THAT far off! I applied a coupla coats of this over “Nightshade”, a black jelly polish by 17 which is, I confess not one of the best black polishes I’ve come across, the reason being that it’s meant to be a one coater yet even in two coats I still didn’t get full opaqueness :( However it’s been perfect to use as a base polish for other colours so fear not, it shall still be used! :D
Now I did attempt to make the mani a tad more pretty by doing a rhinestone-y accent finger as you can see, however that took a bit of a downhill turn after using a cheapo topcoat to seal, which then decided to delightfully bubble around the stones…FAIL. Will I never learn? ;)  But let’s just use our imaginations & pretend those dastardly bubbles aren’t present…*cough!* :-/
Anyhoo, cheerios Matalan for my £1 Pink Fizz dupe! Knowing me…I will probably give in & eventually get Pink Fizz as well *cheeky grin* but until then I will happily use this baby whenever the desire for having pretty, sparkly pink nails arises :D 

Thanks as always for stopping by my beauts! 

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Very pretty nails, love the colour!

  2. Pink lemonade! Yummy! I need to do my nails, badly. Truly, madly, badly.

    1. Thank you my sweet! Haha, love what ya did there missy ;) Hope you're keeping well! xoxo


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