NOTD - Goldfinger feat Nails Inc "Plum"

Greetings to ya my lovely readers! Hope you’re all well :)
Now we all like a bit o’ bling non?? I know I do, not just in the form of prettyful jewelery but also on the nails too, why not! Whilst having a little wonder through Debenhams department store a while back, my inner magpie’s radar picked up & went a tad insane-like when I caught a little sparkly glint from the corner of my eye, intrigued I went exploring & found this absolutely bling-tastic looking STAR false nail set by Julien Macdonald whom, I’m just taking a wild guess in saying, is a designer for Debenhams? Don’t quote me on that ;)
I’ll admit I was once a member of the gel/acrylic crew, yes :-/ But sadly & unsurprisingly my nails absolutely hated me for it! Eventually though I embraced the natural look, accepted my short “unable to grow past a certain length” nails & said bye bye to the falsies! Now, I’ve come across a few of these stick on nails that come in some really nice designs, (KISS & Broadway have some gorguz ones!) that look lovely on the nail if you’re after something a bit jazzed up & different, are super easy to use & even better don’t do the damage that gel/acrylics can do on the nails! Huzzah! :D
The instructions on application are pretty straightforward as you can see, perfect for this here clutz!  ;) So after I had matched up the right sized falsie to each of my nails, it was just a simple case of applying straight onto the nail & pressing down firmly for a few seconds et voila…
POW! Blinging metallic nails at your service baby! :) Pretty intense non? I did file them down a tad as I did find them just a little too long but overall, loved the finish look, definitely eye catching & plentiful compliments were received whilst wearing these! After a few days though I did begin to feel a bit like C3P0’s long lost sister, so removed each falsie, which came away very easily after soaking in warm water, except for the little finger. That’s another great thing about these falsies too I guess...it’ll get you out of doing the washing up! ;) 
Once that had been done, I then just painted the rest of my nails with the gorguz Nails Inc “Plum” which is one of the polish’s from back when they did their collaboration with Diet Coke? A really beautiful cream maroon red that applied beautifully in two coats & dries to a lovely glossy finish, loves it!
I thought the all gold little finger made a great accent nail & will definitely be using these for that purpose in the future! I picked up the gold STAR falsies for about £8.00. Next time I’m in Debenhams I shall be seeking these out again, I just hope they still do them! Remember seeing a fab red glitter set as well that would be perfect for channelling the inner Dorothy ;)

Have you tried any falsies from this range before? What do you think of metallic nails?
Thanks for reading lovelies! Till next time.

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Love the impact of a full set of metallic nails! :D

    1. thanks lovely! The finished effect is definitely eye catching! :) xoxo

  2. Those metallics really are pow! I absolutely love how it looks as just an accent nail with 'Plum' - gorgeous! xx

    1. haha! When thinking how to describe them POW was the first word that came to mind! Thanks lovely, Plum is really lovely too! :) xoxo

  3. Freaky! Those are scary and cool at the same time very Lady Gaga!

    1. Bwaha! Aren't they?! Oooh its funny you should mention Lady Gaga...I have an NOTD coming up along those lines... ;) xoxo


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