Finally Found The Foundation For Me! :D

Evening sweethearts & happy Friday to you all! Tell me dolls, are you as glad, relieved, almost weeping with happiness as yours truly at seeing the end of this week at last?? Thought it would never come! This weekend for moi will be filled with catching up with matey’s, eating a lot of good food, a bit o’ browsing in town, more good food thrown in & just basically chillaxing whilst hopefully getting a few blogs posts or two done…bliss! :D  Oooh & I’m also hoping to possibly maybe getting my next piercing done….eeee! Let’s wait & see ;) Hope you all have lovely plans this weekend also; now for just the weather to sort itself out & we’re laughing.

Now I think it’s pretty much every gals mini mission in life to find THE perfect foundation to suit all her needs, am I right? Well I know that it has been a task of mine for a while & after trying a few different ones both high end & high street, I think……I THINK…I may have FINALLY found the one for me! Woo! *Cue happy dance* :D 
As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of my bloggy, I always reach for my MAC foundation when doing makeup for weddings, nights out etc. as I feel I get the best coverage with it, but I wanted something that I could wear at weekends, during the day/evening that would be light, easy to apply with nice coverage…enter the new foundation love in my life, a liquid formula by the Japanese brand RMK & as is the case with a lot of great things that occur, it actually came by totally by chance! Whilst having a clear through my makeup I stumbled across this little beauty which I received at the NBBE event yonks ago & had totally forgotten about. Anyhoos, I was feeling the need to try something different, so decided to give it a whirl & the rest as they say is history…I bloomin LOVES IT! :D
The packaging to start off with is gorguz, love the little writing’s on the bottle, so cute! The foundation itself is incredibly light, yet once I applied it was totally blown away at how flawless it made my skin look, all the time feeling as if I was wearing hardly anything. The shade I received is 102, which at first glance I thought may be too light for me but it’s actually perfick & literally only a teensy little blob of this stuff is needed to get full face coverage, so will last ya ages! :D
Like I mentioned, the texture is lovely light & smooth & blends really beautifully into the skin, just using my fingers, which I then just buff in with a kabuki brush. The finish is lovely too, not shiny at all yet still giving a great, fresh looking finish. Two other fab factors with this foundation are that not only does it have a waterproof formulation but also contain SPF 14….awesomeness! :D 
Here’s a quick little FOTD for ya where I used the RMK Liquid Foundation, a bit o’ Benefit Dallas to contour & a simple nude eye look with thick eye liner, winged out as always :)
The RMK makeup & skincare range was created by Japanese make-up artist Rumiko & sadly isn’t as well-known as it should be or readily available here *WAILS!* But I do know that Selfridges has an RMK stand which I shall be hunting down when I’m next in London as I’m definitely gonna be re purchasing this baby! :D I have a few other products that I’m very much looking forward to trying out :)
For a list of other stockists & to have a looky at the range just visit the website, I’ve also seen a few RMK products pop up on the Beauty Bay website too. :)

Thanks as always for reading loves! What’s your current favourite foundation? Have you ever tried any RMK products?     

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. This foundation looks absolutely gorgeous on your skin! love it! xxx

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    1. Swoon!!! Your skin looks ah-mazing! It's such a gorgeous finish, somewhere between dewy and matte, perfection! x

    2. Thank you Rhi! It really is such a lovely formula, you must give it a try if ya can! xoxo

    3. Awww thanks Naz my lovely :) I seriously do recommend it, its a gorguz foundation! Just wish it was easier available! xoxo

  2. Your skin looks so gorgeous woman!! You need to try NARS Sheer Glow next woman! We've got an RMK stall in our selfidges too, will have to hunt this baby down! xo

    1. thank youuuuuuu my lima bean! Ooooh yes, that's the one we tried right? Can't for the life of me remember the name of the shade Mina matched me to! :-/ Will def have a looky, & yes you MUST try this one sweety, it is awesome xoxo


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