What I Wore.....Black & Gold, Black & Gold....

Evening chicadees! Hope you’re all having a good week so far? Thankfully I’ve had a few hours owed to me from work so I’ve been enjoying a coupla rare weekday lie-ins as I’ve not had to go in till 1 o'clock. Bliss! But back to norm tomorrow though *sad face*
Currently attempting to write up this post with madam kitty aka Hoshi jumping in and out of consciousness next to me…not really an easy feat to say the least, especially with her continuous attempts to lay across the laptop keyboard, rear end shoved in face, in an effort to get a bit of attention. I think she’s just doing it to irritate me to be honest, this must be her form of payback because we bought Tesco’s cat food last week instead of Felix….ashalfhauoefgasehkvrawyfrawurgsfgfos…Alright woman! *lifts aforementioned dead weight off & throws across room*…..I kid, I kid!...Just shifts to the end of the bed ;) Bless her.

Anyhoos, moving on here’s a quick outfit post of what I wore to London this weekend past for the TOWIB event where I had a lovely time meeting lots of wonderful fellow bloggers, some whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before & many for the first time.  Will do a more detailed post later on, including our cheeky trip to that fabulous haven in Covent Garden that is called Laduree… ;) 
Black & gold is definitely one of my fav combo’s, I don’t know why but I always feel it gives an almost Arab-y/Egyptian touch to certain outfits…Hmmm, must just be me. I’ve only recently started loving gold jewellery/accessories more, especially rose & antique-y golds, before being a bigger fan of silver. Next thing on my wishlist….a Michael Korrs Rose Gold watch! Oooooh but I think it will be a while yet…until then I shall hunt for dupe! Seen some snazzy ones on ebay which have caught this gals eye… ;)
The lace dress is from warehouse & which I absolutely love! Anything lace is just pure awesomeness in my book :D I love pairing this dress with a thin blouse in summer, but this time just wore a simple black tee underneath with not one but two pair of leggings on the pins! It was cold me dears. To make the outfit just that little bit more exciting, I just added a simple gold belt round the waist.
On the feet went a pair of flat knee high suede boots which I picked up from New Look last year on sale. They are super comfortable & who doesn't love a bit of stud detailing & tassels…? ;)
Finally the bling that went with the outfit, keeping with the black & gold theme of course...
 Feather Earrings - Boots, Black & Gold Beaded Chain & Choker - Xmas gifts, Antique Rose Ring - Accessorize, Black Diamonte Ring - Primark 

And that’s all folks! Till next time me lovelies! Thank you so much for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. I think I have seen those boots somewhere before……hmm…haha! Was a lovely outfit by the way, forgot to say so on Saturday x

    1. Oh really? Hmmm I wonder where?? ;P Lol! Aww thank you sweety :) xoxo

  2. Very pretty outfit and you looked lovely hun! xx

  3. hello chickidee :P (love that u use that word its sooo u!)

    loving the outfit sexy.. all black, i see u takin a leaf outa my fashion book bahaha!

    anyways guess whos back!!!

    1. Chikadeeeeeeeee!!!!! ;D Haha yes you have obviously influenced me greatly! Can't go wrong with a bit o' grungy black! Awww YAY!! Missin you muchly Minaliscious ;D xoxo


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