What I Wore.....Drumsticks OOTD

Hello chicadees! How fare thee? What’s everyone been up to this weekend? As for moi, well let’s just say that a fair amount of seeeeeerious retail therapy has been done in the sales down this end! Woopsie! Still waiting for that feeling of remorse/guilt to arrive…I guess it’s been delayed at customs. Oh well! ;p Can’t wait to share with you beauties what bits & bobs I picked up so expect a haul post soon! :D

Gonna make it a quick post today with an OOTD on what I wore recently, involving mainly creamy pink, white & nude colours which, strange as it sounds, but automatically made me think of those yummy Drumstick lollipops I used to eat as a kid! LOL! Weird I know, plus there was the problem of me walking around in a constantly hungry state…Trust me to think of food when it comes to outfits…anyone else do that??….anyone???.... *tumbleweed*….. Okay then. Err needless to say I made my way asap to the local newsagent to stock up on said sweet & happily rediscovered an old childhood favourite in the process! Happy days :) 

 The pink pinafore style dress is a lovely thick, almost denim-like material which I picked up from River Island. Teamed with a simple cream tee & white skinny jeans which I bought online from ASOS. 
The shoes are definitely one of my favs as not only do I love the colour & design of them but they also happen to be one of the comfiest pairs I own! These were picked up from good old Primark :D  

Right, best get off & get things together for work tomorrow....oh joy. Thanks as always for stopping by my lovelies! I shall leave you with a pic of me doing my flamingo impersonation....quite convincing I've been told...

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. I was thinking about sale shopping recently and I reckon we shouldnt feel guilty about it at all. I mean we're totally just buying stuff that we'd pick up during the year anyway but we're getting it cheaper so technically we're actually saving a small fortune. Hmm, nah, didn't even manage to convince myself there but it was worth a try :)

    Nice outfit! Love how the shades are all muted nudes but fall under the same sorta "theme" so the end result is really chic and elegant

    P.S. Hurrah for Primark! Where else could you get such awesometastic shoes for such a great price!? ♥

  2. So So pretty! I love the pastel shades! Gorgeous girl!


  3. @allmadeup – Haha! LOL! Naaah ya did an awesome job there huny & so right you are! Feeling much better now ;) Aww thank you for the lovely comment hun & Yay for Primarni! I’ve actually seen so many lovely shoes in there but have had to physically restrain myself….lol! xoxo

    @fashionismyh20 – hello lovely! Aww thanks so much Sarah! :D xoxo

    @drugstore&bargainlover – thanks Stevi! They are def one of my favs for sure & just love the colour :) xoxo


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