What I Wore....A Touch Of Grey OOTD & FOTD feat Garnier BB Cream

Good evening sweets! Are you all enjoying your Sunday’s? Been a lovely, relaxing one down this end :) I mean I don’t think I actually shifted from the bed at all yesterday other than to attend to the belly’s demands!  Oops! But won’t lie to ya….it was a good day. If there is one thing I know I’m good at, its total veg-ing out time, ooooh yes! ;D Plus what with all this frosty chilly weather we’ve been experiencing the desire to venture out from the warmth of the house is just not that strong!

Speaking of chilly weather I’ve obviously found myself reaching for the thicker, warmer items of clothing in my wardrobe only to find I actually don’t have that many! :-/ I think this maybe because I went a bit crazy last year accumulating a lot of summer clothes in the Sales & conveniently forgot that I would actually need any suitable wear for Winter….*cough!*  But having said that though, I’m not actually that big a fan of jumpers & hoodies as weird as that sounds, being very much a dress girl ;) I guess I’m more about the layers, with shirts, dresses, cardi’s etc.
However with this OOTD I’ve got to share with you today all the boxes are ticked for moi in that not only is it a dress but also a lovely thick grey wool material, that’s so lovely soft & succeeds in keeping me warm too!
I picked up this dress from one of those independent boutiques’ you stumble across every now & again? I absolutely love browsing around in those sorts of clothes stores as you can come across some truly lovely, one off type pieces. This dress caught my eye as I just love the design of it, with the scooped neckline & how it flows out really nicely towards the bottom. Plus it’s the loveliest soft grey wool material that’s really comfortable. I paired the dress with simple black tee & skinny trousers as well as these cute pixie ankle boots that I picked up from Matalan
I’ve mentioned on Twitter my absolute LOVE for the Garnier BB Cream which I’ve been using in place of foundation lately after receiving some samples & that love is still going strong dolls! I’ve been using the Light shade which I think suits me well enough, which I apply quickly with my fingers then just buff in with a kabuki brush. Super quick with a really nice, not too heavy coverage which I like.  Am just debating now whether to purchase the Garnier one or maybe try out one of the other brands that have released BB Creams such as 17 & No 7? 
Anyhoos here’s a quick Grey Smokey Eye FOTD I did with the outfit using an old Estee Lauder palette I found on the lids, MAC Fluidline Black track for eyeliner, the BB Cream & a little MUA Mosaic Bronzer on the cheeks :) 

Have any of you lovelies tried the BB Creams? Which ones have been your fav? Thanks for reading! Have a great evening dolls!

Lotsa love to ya! 



    Those boots are gorge and your liner is super perfect! :D

    Not tried the Garnier BB cream, didn't think the shade would suit darker skin tones but will deffo check it out now :)

    And omg, just watched watership down, cried my frigging eyes out, haha. xoxo

    1. Awww thank you my darling! So glad you like :D Ooooh yes, do give it a try! Didn't think I would like it at all but I love it! Haha! Oh man, those bunnies have issues girl, enough to give ya nightmares! *passes tissue* Lol! ;) xoxo

  2. The dress is amazing, really suits you.

    I tried the Garnier BB cream and really liked it, recently brought the No7 one to compare.

    1. Thanks so much hun! Ooh I've heard the No 7 one is really good too! Will def have a closer looky :) xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. Ooh the dress is so cool! (And warm, ha!) I love the hem and the drapeyness. Like Halima I never thought BB creams would work on my skin and would look ashy but want to try it now - they should really get you on board as Asian-skin ambassador! x

    2. Hehe thanks lovely, it really is nice & warm! Awww Naz that's probably the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me you sweetie! Thank you! xoxo


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