NOTD - Pearls & Posies :)

Evening my lovely readers, how’s your week faring?? Very well I hope, one thing’s for sure though, cannot wait for the weekend already! Even though we had the bank holiday, this week seems intent on being a bit of an arse & dragging on a bit! Come along Friday! Sort yourself out & get your booty on over here! Also I seem to be going through a rather odd bout of insomnia or something at the mo as I don’t find myself conking out until early hours of the morning! I’ve tried all sorts of things, reading (that didn’t work because the book actually got interesting), eating (all I got from that was indigestion), a bit o’ light head banging to some hard core rock music in the hope that I would knock myself out unconscious… (Sadly no unconscious state but quite a delightful pounding within the head…) Hmmm, I think tonight I’ll go down the old fashioned & simple route & give the old Ovaltine a go… :-/

Moving on, got another mani to share with you all today me lovelies, this time going down the nude toned route but adding a bit o’ pezzazz with some strategically placed pearls from one of my nail art wheels & a few good old nail art stickers :) 
This nail polish is one of my favourite shimmery nudes, Wet n Wilds Rock Solid Nail Lacquer going by the name of ‘Amazing in Amber’ & has had a lot of usage hence its almost finished state! Gutted as I found this little gem in a discount basket, in Superdrugs I think, absolutely ages ago! I guess I’ll need to start hunting for a dupe for this polish also (my dupe hunting list seems to be ever increasing…)
To achieve opacity I applied two coats (a tad sloppily…woopsie! :-/ ) to each nail. Once that was dry, grabbing a pair of tweezers to pick up the nail stickers, just placed them hodge podge like on each nail & finished off by sticking on different sized pearls using a bit of clear polish, a toothpick & of course my fav No 7 Stay Perfect Topcoat to seal them into place. Done! :D

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Kinda reminds me of weddings & summertime :) Thanks for stopping by me lovelies, till next time! :D

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. SO pretty! I love pearls so much. Makes me think of Chanel, and I agree - would be a lovely wedding manicure! x

  2. Wow those nails are so lovely, can i have those? lol!

  3. They look sooooo pretty!

    I have some stickers and gems somewhere...think i will try something myself!

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  4. @thepostcolonialrabbit - thanks Naz! Haha yes you're right, I love that Chanel-esque feel of it! :D xoxo

    @cathysmith07 - haha! Aww thanks so much :) xoxo

    @ruqaiyakhan - thank you hun xoxo

    @shabina - thanks hun, I love using gems & stickers for nail art, so quick & easy with great results! :) xoxo

  5. Oh wow, this looks absolutely stunning :)

  6. @serenityofbeauty - aww thank you so much sweety! xoxo


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