NOTD - Palm Trees & Sultry Sands....

Evening lovely readers! Weekend is almost here…woohoo! Thankfully though I can get an early start on it as I have me the day off tomorrow, thanks the loooooord on bended knees! This week has just dragged on a major scale & boy is this gal bushed! Could seriously do with a holiday actually, I mean I know I recently had one with the most magical Disney experience a la’ Paris, but would looooooove to just up & head off somewhere far away, preferably where there is an abundance of hot sun, lush sea & perhaps a yummy cocktail or two ;) Anyone wanna join me? It SHALL happen :D

Until then however, I shall have to make do with zoning out on occasion (something I’m told I do quite often…) & just dream of sandy beaches & palm trees, with a little help from this mani I’ve got to share with you today…
Please do excuse the faded henna on the hands my dears, fear not I haven’t contracted some weird skin disease! You might remember I blogged a while back about a friend of mine who is a pretty ace talent at applying mehndi/henna art & just I love getting it done! So you might see it popping up every now & again on the hands :D
Moving on, to get my sandy nails I used “Sultry Sands” Stay Perfect polish from No7 that was part of their limited edition collection a while back? There were 2 colours in the collection, the other being a coppery brown shade, but this prettyful champagne gold shimmer grabbed me more :) Though as you can see from the pics dolls, there is some…errrrr…bubbling action going on, not intentional I assure you & I have the lovely old, near finished bottle of cheapo base coat to thank for that! Grrr! Needless to say said bottle has now been put to rest for all time (RIP) & well let’s just pretend that it’s a particularly pebbly beach shall we?? ;)
The polish is quite sheer so before applying I prepped the nails first with a coat of Revlon 118 Carat polish which is one of my FAV gold polish’s, a lovely creamy light gold, just lush :) The curse of the crapolla base coat still couldn’t be stopped though *sigh!* Oh well!
For the palm tree detail I just dug out my liquid eye liner as I have yet to go out & buy a proper nail art pen! But hey, might as well make the most & work with what you’ve got right? Using the liner I just added a palm tree to the thumb & ring fingers & then drew on a few leaves in the corners of the other nails. Finish with a slick of topcoat & done!
Now I can just sit back & gaze at the nails & imagine I’m in the Caribbean until I actually get there! Loveeerly! Haha! :D

Thanks for stopping by lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Very creative use of eyeliner. I love it, it looks great x

    1. thanks hun! Haha yes I've reached for the trusty eyeliner a few times now! Love me a multi-task product! ;) xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. thanks, glad you like it babe! xoxo

  3. eyeliner? great idea! looks great, the gold is so pretty! x

    1. Yup! :D Hehe would've thought it would have so many fab uses?! Thanks hun! xoxo


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