NOTD - Magnetized with 17 Gunmetal! :D

Evening angels! Hope you’re all having a fab one!

Righty now! Step aside oh glorious crackle polish, you have been good to me I'll admit & adore you muchly I do but there’s a new kid on the block for this polish addict to play with....Well alright then, make that NOT so new, as I’m sure all you lovelies out there, unless you’ve been residing underneath a pleasantly rocky boulder, are now all too familiar with the latest amazing invention in the polish world that is magnetic polish’s! But as usual here’s yours truly jumping on the bandwagon about 6 decades later. But hey better late than never non?

Anyways I’m sure you can imagine how insanely excited this here polish addict got when first hearing about these fab, uber funky type of polish’s & after lemming after them for the longest time I finally managed to grab some in a cheeky beauty haul I did a while back! Wooohoo! There are a few brands now that have gone down the magnetized route including Nails Inc & Fashionista but the ones I went for were from 17 Cosmetics as not only where they the most easily attainable but they also happen to be the cheapest at £5.99 a bottle! And ya know how much I love me a good bargain, plus I figured these magnetic polishes must all work in pretty much the same way right? I’ve also recently managed to get hold of some of the Fashionista magnetic polishes so will def do a comparison!
For now though me lovelies here is the 17 cosmetics magnetized polish in Grey…

What do ya think? I for one absolutely LOVE them, especially the gorguz gunmetal shade. These really are a fab, quick & easy way to jazz up your bog standard mani giving it a nice edge. The magnet itself comes attached to the lid, which you simply hover over the polish whilst it’s still wet for a few moments, move away et’ voila! Magnetized nails! I’ll admit that I did knock a few nails with the magnet at first but after a few tries I think I got the hang of it okay! Lol! After a slick of topcoat for extra sheen the finished effect really is pretty ace! When it came to applying I went for one thick coat, but may go for two thin ones next time? Am also interested to see what sorts of different effects can be achieved with these as well as the Fashionista ones :D Better get on to experimenting I guess! ;) 
The 17 magnetic polishes are available in 4 shades, Gunmetal, Lilac, Blue & Teal & are available from Boots at £5.99 a pop!
Have you tried magnetic polishes? Are ya liking? Thanks for reading chicas! 

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Ha! My friend posted about this same polish. The effect is so cool .looks like airbrush. How a magnet does this blows my mind!


    1. @lasophia - Haha really?! It is pretty awesome right? The finished effect is awesome! Have you tried them hun? :) xoxo

  2. I love your nails!!!!!!
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    1. hiya amy, aww thank you! If you want to follow the blog then just simply click on the GFC button on the top right hand side of the page & you will be following! I'm truly awful with all things technical (lol!) but you're more than welcome to email me huny :D xoxo


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