Britain & Irelands Next Top Model Live Pics, Haul & Goodies!

Hello pumpkins & Happy Weekend to you all!
Okay, so this another case of SERIOUSLY late posting…quite a bad habit of mine that clearly needs working on! A new year’s resolution idea perhaps? Will see how we get on shall we? ;)
Anyhoos, back in October I popped in to London town to attend the Britain and Irelands Next Top Model Live Event that was held at the Excel Exhibition centre with my lovely friend Saf aka Miss Stylicious who had a coupla tickets & kindly invited me to go with her :D Thank you so much my sweet! Twas an absolutely wonderful day out & we really did have such a great time! Thought I’d share with ya some pics & bits from the day :D

On the same day as the event, I think there was also a comic book/computer game type convention going on also? I mean I began to suspect this first when I boarded the train that was to take me to the Excel Centre & found myself sitting next a dude dressed as a hobbit…but I figured hey, London is filled with lotsa unique styles, maybe the hobbit look was in right now? But then after a few stops when we were then joined by a coupla elves, a Viking & Wolverine my suspicions were confirmed that some sort of convention was definitely going on too! Have to say it was quite amusing to say the least to one minute seeing these stunning, 6 foot models walking past ya, then turning around & bumping in to the Super Mario Brothers! :D

The event itself was great, with lots to see & do throughout the day including open catwalk shows featuring some lovely collections, live music, pamper rooms, workshops & of course plenty of fashion/beauty/lifestyle shopping which we definitely partook in! Superstar Saf also managed to get hold of tickets to the main BINTM Live Tour fashion catwalk show with performances from all the contestants including the winner of the show Jade as well as live music from Bluey Robinson. Here are some pics from the day!
 Also mentioned a bit o' cheeky hauling was done on the day also *blushes* ;) Here's the goodies I got :D
                                                                                Fashionista Magnetic Polish's
                                                                                 Blixz Nail Foil Wraps
         My first Stargazer polish's! :D Look ya can see me in the bottle*waves!*
 Some lovely FAMOUS eyeshadows that came in our goody bags in Shade 9 & Betty Green
                           Fashionista Eyeshadow in Nude & Blush in Amber Glow

Phew! That was a bit pic heavy wasn't it? Lol! Big thanks & well done if ya made it to here! Can't wait to try everything out especially the Stargazer polish's as I've wanted them for yonks! I also picked up some goodies from MUA as well which I'll be doing a more detailed post on soon! 
Did any of you lovelies go to BINTM Live Show? Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!



  1. I did!!! Fab day out :0 Are you heading to the Vitality Show this year? xx

    1. Aww did ya hun?! :) Was really good, did ya pick upi anything nice? Ooooh not sure when it is, I went last year though :) xoxo

  2. Ahhh, lucky!!! Looks like you had an absolute ball! You will love the stargazer polishes, deffo one of the most underated polishes out there! xx

    1. Thanks babe! Eeeeeee I can't wait to try the Stargazer polish's out! They had so many! Twas like a nail polish Pick n Mix...HEAVEN! Lol! I just wanted them all :D xoxo

  3. The Betty green eyeshadow is beautiful!

    1. totally agree with ya huny! Its such a prettyful green, don't think I have another colour like it which is great! :) xoxo


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