Bling Tings With A Few Rings Plus New Bracelet Love!

Hey there darlin’s! You all good & well? Now, I honestly think I must have been a magpie in another life because if there is one weakness I have, umm besides anything beauty/makeup/nail polish related that is, it’s being drawn to all sparkly pretty blingy things in the form of rings, necklaces, bracelets etc like a moth to the flame, that I dream to add to my (ever growing on a worryingly level) collection. In the same way that purchasing a new makeup product that I’ve been wanting for ages & dying to try out makes me feel super warm happy fuzzy inside, I just love the rush of spotting a new stunning sparkly ring or a prettyful necklace catching my eye & eventually after much “umming” & “aaaaahing” taking the inevitable plunge & making said piece of jewellery mine! I’m sure I’m not alone yes?? ;)

So thought I'd share with you lovelies some new bits of bling that I’ve picked up lately from here, there & everywhere, some of them super bargainous to boot & that’s always good isn’t it? ;)
First up are these three beauties that I picked up from, whadaya know? Our good old Primark no less! Not only are they all gorguz but they each cost me no more than £2.50 for the knuckle length gold one & beautiful cat, whom I’ve decided to call Bert & an awesome £2 for the sparkly skull whom we shall refer to as Ernie shall we?  Everyone needs a sparkly skull ring in their collection ;) Bargains! Will deff be revisiting the jewellery stand for sure.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…...well Cubic Zirconia anyhoos! Until the day comes where I can afford me some diamonds I’m afraid good old CZ’s will have to do! This beautiful set I picked up from an Asiana wedding exhibition, where you can always find great jewellery, for not so expensive prices. I love this set which includes a lovely long bracelet, ring & large studs, perfect for when I want to add just subtle touch of ice to an evening outfit :)
I’ve posted about Boots jewellery a coupla times before on here as I’ve been found some seriously lovely pieces whilst there. So whenever I pop in now to browse around the make up or to pick up toiletries etc. I always “accidentally” pass the jewellery stand too & occasionally they even have 50% off! Happy days! I picked up these cute rings on my last visit, the blue beaded one is such a stunning shade of blue, plus one of those elastic, stretchy type rings so fits perfectly :) Love it!
Thought I’d save my favourite ring purchase till last! I picked up this beautiful stone & wire ring from Winter Wonderland in December. I’m not even sure what the stone is all I know is that is just gorguz! So sparkly with flashes of yellow, blue, green, purple….a whole rainbow in different lights! I’ve been wearing this beaut every day since I purchased it :)

And last but by certainly no means least & another fav I have been wearing constantly, is this beautiful Shambala-esque type bracelet that my lovely, amazing friend bought for me recently after she had noticed me positively drooling over it whilst browsing around in Debenhams. Love her muchly <3 :)
I very rarely wear bracelets as I have annoying bony wrists, not made for bracelets at all as they are forever falling off & just end up being a nuisance! But the beauty of this bracelet, apart from the obvious sparkle, is that it has a great drawstring type mechanism, which means I can tighten it to fit my little wrists perfectly!  Happy Aysh! :D
 So there ya have it sweets! Just some new blingy additions in my life :)  Have you made some fab jewelery purchases lately? What's your favourite piece at the moment?
Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. I need to invest in some jewellery, loving the last bracelet. xx

    1. Hehe a girl can never have too many jewels huh? ;) Aww thank you sweety xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. haha! Inner magpie is very very happy ;) xoxo

  3. So pretty!

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  4. Girrrrrl, love the jewellery here! Primark have some awesome pieces of jewellery in atm! I need to check out Accessorize, the big stone ring looks fab :D

    The winter wonderland ring is sooo pretty! xx


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