A Bit O' Hair Pampering With A Little Help From Argan Oil & Avon! :D

Hello there honeybuns! Hope you are all doing well.  Me? Well I’m currently lying comatose on my bed after giving the term “comfort eating” a whole new meaning & think it will take a crane to shift me, let’s just say it was one of THOSE days at work. “URGH”….yeah…that word pretty much sums it up perfectly ;) But hey ho! No point on dwelling on the downers right? Tomorrow is another day…yes indeed it is Ms O’Hara, let’s just hope & pray it’s not as equally crapola yes? ;)
Now my darls, I’m cheating a little with this here post as its one I wrote not too long a go now as a guest post for my lovely friend Annabella whilst she was off tying the knot. But just in case you missed it, I’m going to chuck it on here too as I really do love these products! :)

We all love a bit o’ pampering every now & again non? Not just body but hair too. So I wanted to share with you two products that I’ve been loving & have been total lifesavers for my poor, tortured hairs of late.
Now I’m not prone to exaggeration at all…*tumbleweed*… but believe me when I say that my hair has been in a mucho bad way lately. I’d recently finished my current shampoo & deciding to try something new, picked up a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. The reason for this being, not only does its smell immediately take me back to my childhood, but I was also under the misconception that it would give me beautiful, soft locks like…well, a baby! Well turns out I was a tad wrong :-/
Whilst the smell did indeed transport me back to a time of my life where the most important decision of my day was which Barbie doll I would be playing with (yes, I was a little Barbie girl in a Barbie world…are ya shocked??), instead of getting the soft hair I desired, I found myself waking up the next day, peering into the mirror & seeing what looked like an electrocuted scarecrow-esque being that kinda resembled me staring back….’twas quite a frightening sight to say the least…bad times. Brittle, straw like hairs without a baby soft lock in sight! 
But thankfully all was not lost as these two fantabulous hair products flew in to save the day! 
First up we have the Lee Stafford Nourishing Miracle Argan Oil & a miracle for my hair indeed it is! As the title suggests it’s a lightweight oil treatment suitable for all hair types & can be used on both wet & dry hair. At first I was a tad wary to try as I assumed that using an oil based product would be a one way ticket to grease-ville! But I haven’t found this at all. The trick is to start with just a small amount (1-2 drops) which you can build up on depending on the thickness/length of your hair. 

I’ve been using it on both wet & dry hair as suggested. Starting with 1-2 pumps, just rub the oil between your hands to warm it up, and then run through the length of your hair right down to the tips. Since using this lovely stuff my hair has felt softer, shiner & the brittle frizz has gone bye bye! And the great thing is it’s done all this without weighing the hair down at all! Plus I should add that this stuff smells absolutely scrumptious!!
Argan oil has become quite a well-known beautifying product now but has actually been used by the Berber woman of Morocco for donkey’s years! It also happens to be rich in Vitamin E so gives the hair a protective layer from sun & heat damage (Google is my friend) which is great news for this known GHD abuser! :)
The Lee Stafford Argan Oil is available from Boots at £11.99 for 50ml. Hmmm, a tad steep perhaps for the amount you get but it does last a while as you only need 1-2 drops & it really is a lovely product. However if you feel that it is a tad pricey also, then this 2nd product will appeal all the more! :) When I don’t use Argan Oil I reach for this baby of which I have been a loyal user now for a coupla years! Tis the Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum from Avon.

This serum is a much looser consistency compared to the Argan oil, therefore very easy to work with & you also need just a pump which is more than enough for my ‘just past shoulder length’ hair.
I use this when my hair is feeling particularly dry & dull & the ends are starting to look a tad split & weak. But this brings it back to life leaving it feeling soft & treated afterwards as well as giving the hair a lovely glossiness with no grease! I also use a teensy blob after straightening my hair giving it a much sleeker & healthier finish. With this product as well, a little really does go a long way as I’ve had this bottle for yonks & only just gone past halfway! And the best thing about this serum me dears is definitely the fantabulous price. It’s available from Avon’s website at £5.50 for 30ml which I think is fab, I’m going to be re-stocking my supply for sure!
So if your hair is feeling the need to be pampered then I would deffo recommend these two products as they have worked wonders for me! Would love to know if you’ve tried either of these or if you have any fav hair products that you love at the mo! Always looking for new things to try! :)
Thanks for reading lovelies!

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Lotsa love!


FOTD - Chapter Golden Bronze & Emerald Green :)

Greetings my lovely readers! Hope you’ve all had a really great weekend whatever you’ve been up to? I myself spent yesterday at the baby shower of a good friend of mine, who I went to school with, really was amazing seeing her looking positively blooming! I guess we’re all growing up now….not too sure about moi though…*cough!* ;) A fab time was definitely had though, with plenty of eating & drinking whilst also taking part in some, erm…quite interesting/dodgy games including Sniff the Nappy & Guess the Baby Food Flavour… Good times! :D
Today I have an FOTD to share with you lovelies, as I’ve mentioned briefly before, this past year has been kinda filled with quite a few weddings which was nice, & as is the case with Asian weddings there are a lot of functions to attend as well. This is the makeup I did for one of the functions where I wore one of my favourite Asian churidaar outfits which was a gorguz golden bronze & emerald green combo, silly me totally forgot to take an outfit pic as usual! But you can see a little glimpse of it in the pics anyhoos :)
To go with the outfit I of course wanted to match the colours within it so chose to go for a bronze-y gold & green Arabic-esque eye look. Once again I used colours from my Coastal Scents palette which has definitely been one of my better purchases as it has such a large array of colours in the palette to choose from, that you will almost definitely find a colour to suit. So this time I picked a bronze-y gold shade from the palette & applied all over the lid, then using a suitably matching green applied into the crease going out in to the outer V, finishing with a little highlighting in the inner corners & brow bone with some shimmery white shadow :)

To finish the eyes I just dabbed on some Barry M dazzle dust in Bronze for added shimmer before doing the usual winged liner business with the MAC Fluidline Blacktrack & a few coats of Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara (LOVE!). I kept the cheeks bronze with the good ol’ Barry M Natural Dazzle bronzer & lips nude with MAC Crème D’Nude lipstick :) And that’s it! Hope ya like! :)
Thanks for reading angels!

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NOTD - Sapphires & Diamonds with Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale :)

Hello & Happy Friday my lovelies! Yay for the weekend! This week has seemed like the longest ever in the history of long weeks, but now we can thankfully welcome the weekend with open arms :) Definitely helped a little that I had the day off today filled with doing what I do best, which is absolutely sod all! Yes, yes I’m pretty awesome at that as well as taking naps, I’m telling you, there’s nothing more awesome than a lovely daytime nap, leaves you feeling so refreshed & relaxed! I think there should be a new law introduced for a 3 day weekend what do you think? ;)
So my darls, another day another mani to share with you guys & I’ve got to say, I think this may be one of my favs! As not only does it include one of my favourite brands of polish that is the illustrious Barry M, but also THAT special polish that I ummed & ahhhed over buying for the longest time, debating whether to part with a slightly painful £17.50 (eeeek!) But this self-confessed polish addict clearly has ZERO control when it comes to beautiful polishes & I finally caved in & bought the beautiful Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale! And ooooooh what a beauty it is :D 
A stunning silvery blue based glitter polish that frankly blows all other silver glitters out the water Today Is A Fairytale is jam packed full of sparkly hexagonal glitter both small & large that when applied, certainly deliver on the sparkle factor & bling your nails up no end! It’s a disco party in a bottle! It’s also contains “Virgin Diamond Powder” & certainly brings diamonds to the mind when applied as the effect is just dazzling, almost as if you’ve dipped your hands into a bowl of…well…diamonds! :D
I decided to use this stunner as an accent nail in this mani & teamed it with one of my favourite colours from my Barry M collection, which is number 292, Navy Blue I think? My bottle is an old one & doesn’t have the name on it just a number! :-/ Anyhoos a truly gorguz polish, in one of my favourite shades of blue, it has a subtle shimmer running through it that so pretty & reminds me a lot of Sapphires, which also happens to be my birthstone too! Haha! And of course as with all Barry M’s application was a snip in two coats :) For the accent nail I applied three light coats of Today Was A Fairytale on its own to received desired amount of blingy-ness ;) It applied really well actually, as chunky glitters can be a bit of a pain, but didn’t find that at all with this show stopper of a polish & after a slick of topcoat was lovely & smooth to the touch, no rough grittiness :D  Pics? Okay then :)
So do ya like? It really is a bobby dazzler non? *sigh!* ridiculously overpriced??? Yes, indeed it is guilty of that but the ending to this fairy-tale is indeed a happy one solely due to the utter glam factor of this polish & I plan to make this bottle last yonks! Lol!   
Have you tried any Deborah Lippmann polishes? Which ones are your favourite? As always thanks for reading my beauty’s!

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Lotsa sparkly love!



Gel Liners - MAC Fluidline Blacktrack VS Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama

Hey there my cherubs! How’s tricks? Hope all’s well with you all? I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing for a speedy end to the week already, work has definitely been tipping towards the hellish, murderous, wrist slitting end of the scales lately, let’s just say a lot of overtime has been involved & am beginning to feel it! Also I seem to have gone off food in general majorly these past few days, most odd for me as even though I don’t eat large amounts at one time (ask anyone who knows me, I’m known as ‘little sparrow’ when it comes to eating habits) I DO like my food, but me insides are just feeling ‘blah!’ so have been surviving pretty much on liquids in the form of Frijj milkshakes & cup a soups! Stomach, sort yourself out please?! Thanks mate.
Moving on dolls, as I’m sure you don’t want to hear any more details of my inner bowel happenings, I was requested a while back by the lovely Shannon to do a little post comparing the two main gel eyeliners in my life, so sorry it’s taken me so long hun, but here you go! :) When it comes to eyeliner, gel is definitely my favourite type to go for as I find it lasts longer, has a much better colour pay off plus is so easy to work with. I’m sure my regular readers are very familiar with my love for eye liner by now! :D 
Gel liner number one is a regular feature in many FOTD’s on this here blog, & tis the slightly pricier MAC Fluidline Blacktrack at £13.50 & the second is the more recent & a tad easier on the money’s Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Gel Liner which retails for the slightly nicer sounding £7.99.  May be good to also point out that both pots contain the same amount of product.
Well my lovelies, let’s just say that after being a loyal user of the MAC gel liner for yonks, it seems that my HG eye liner has some serious competition! I’ve been using the Maybelline for a while now & my thoughts are that it’s pretty darn awesome :) Swatched on the hand, they look practically identical, so much so that I had to remember which one was which! 
                                                            Left - Maybelline       Right - MAC

I decided to put it to the ultimate test & wear both the gel liners at the same time, using MAC on one lid & the Maybelline on the other & the result? Not a single person noticed the difference! Haha! Can you tell which one is which?
Incidentally picture 1 is Maybelline & picture 2 is MAC. Both gel liners applied nice & smoothly & if I were really nit picking for something to differ between the two I would say that the formula of the MAC liner is just a tiny bit more smoother. But having said that I actually like that the Maybelline gel is a teensy bit thicker in consistency as it makes it easier to work with, plus the Maybelline also has one thing that MAC doesn’t & that is the AMAZING brush that comes with the pot, which is absolutely brilliant, not only is it a compact size like the pot so you can chuck it in the makeup bag, but the actual bristles are soft & stiff making it so easy to create a nice smooth cat wing, I loves it! :D
The great thing also about these little gel pots is that they last yonks! I’ve had the MAC one for absolutely ages & have not even gone halfway through the pot. I’ll continue using it happily but am so glad to have found this awesome quality & not as expensive (yay!) alternative which you can be certain I will definitely be repurchasing again :) A fab quality product AND a great brush included? Yes please me says! ;) I’d also quite like to try the ELF liners too? Have heard really good things about them & have literally been drooling over the lovely colours available & drooling even more at the fab prices :D  

Have you tried any of these gel liners before? Which ones are your favourite? Would love to know dolls!
Thanks for reading!

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Lotsa love to ya, 



Models Own Beetlejuice Part 5 (the last one!) - Emerald Green! :)

Hey there sweetpeas, hope you’re all having a lovely weekend? Just spent the day with the matey & have popped by home to find the internet connection back on! Woo! So taking advantage of that for sure by putting up a post on the bloggy of course! It’s been a tad neglected the past few days as I’ve had quite a bit going on, if you follow me on twitter you’ll know that we had a passing in the family recently. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your sweet & kind thoughts & messages on twitter, it really meant a lot to me so thanks again my lovelies, you all are amazing :)
Today I wanted to share with you lovely lot the last but certainly by no means least beautiful nail polish from the gorguz collection by Models Own that has been Beetlejuice ;) To say I have loved this collection a lot is putting it lightly, I’m sure you’ll agree! Every single one of these baby's has been a big hit with moi & they will certainly have pride of place in my collection & be getting alotta lovin!
The final polish to be given a whirl is the lovely Emerald Black. Now I’d left this one till last because it was the one polish out of the collection that grabbed me the least, whilst the others seemed to have a lot of duo-chrome, colour changing action going on, Emerald Black just didn’t seem to be as dazzling to me in the bottle? Oh how I swallow my words though, because it is boooootiful! A lovely, deep, dark almost black green, the polish has the prettiest emerald/turquoise green shimmers running through it that sparkle beautifully when caught in different lighting. This polish would make a great alternative to a gothic black nail, I loves it! So clearly it’s another winner for me! Haha! Time for some piccies? Okey dokes! 

In my haste to photograph the polish I clearly forgot to do a bit of a clean up job around the cuticle area...woopsie!!! ;) haha sorry about that! So what  do you dolls think? Are ya liking Emerald Black? I think its pretty safe to say the entire Beetlejuice collection gets a big thumbs up from moi! Each polish is just so beautifully unique & down right lovely, you done well Models Own! :D

What did you all think about the Beetlejuice collection? Did you love it as much as moi? Which one was your favourite?

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Models Own Beetlejuice Part 4 - Aqua Violet! :)

Greetings my lovely readers!
You all well? So for the past couple o’ posts I’ve veered off track slightly from a particular nail polish collection, the name of which includes a certain type of insect, but then I didn’t want to inundate & overload you all with polish’s! So far I’ve had a play around with three out of the five Beetlejuice polish’s, Purple Blue, Pinky Brown & Golden Green & am loving them all!  They are all just so pretty & unique & I definitely recommend any nail polish addict to have them in their collection ;)
Today is the turn of polish number four Aqua Violet. As with the others, was super excited to try this purdy polish out, but I kinda anticipated it would be a bit of a bugger to photograph! Aqua Violet is a special one for sure as it has all the duo-chrome loveliness like the others, as well as having that amazing colour changing effect! In some lighting it is the most stunning aqua blue, in others a gorguz mauve/violet shade comes through so beautifully! However I should mention before the pics, that the annoying bubbly effect on the nails, is NOT a special effect from the polish but rather the very crappola base coat I used beforehand!! Gaaahh! As I was a tad under the weather I was just too lazy to re-apply so sorry about that! Goes without saying that said basecoat is now in the bin…RIP :( So on to the pics! As I thought, found it really hard to capture the polish in all its prettiness but tried me bestest!

Apologies again for quality of pics, camera just didn’t want to co-operate! :-/  So what do ya think? Me deffo liking! :D (annoying bubbling due to atrocious basecoat aside!!!) It really is a truly gorguz polish & again unlike anything I own, I couldn’t stop looking at my nails when I had it on & almost near dislocated my wrist, twisting it this way & that to catch all the different colours! :D
So my lovelies, that’s four Beetlejuice polish’s down with just one more to go which will be the Emerald Black!
Have you purchased any of the Models Own Beetlejuice collection? What’s been your favourite?

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Eid day FOTD - Gold, Pink & Blue ;)

Evening sugarplums, have you all had a lovely weekend? For me this weekend has been all about the chillaxing involving lots of food, rest, good tv & a nap or two….bliss! Sometimes you just need a total zone out weekend non? :)
Today I thought I’d squeeze in a quick FOTD post to share with you beauties :) You may remember me mentioning it was Eid last week? Normally the day basically consists of lots of eating; putting the glad rags on, eating, donning a bit of makeup, eating, whilst traveling from relative to relative’s houses & errmmm….oh yeah…eating. Good times :)
The outfit I wore was made for me with some material given to me by my lovely nana. I don’t really wear Asian clothes that often, only on special occasions, when I do though I tend to opt for a churidaar style, which I’ve mentioned before & is basically a dress style top with tight drainpipe trousers. Here’s a little pic just to show you the colours on the outfit, which I then used to create a suitable make up look to go with :)
As you can see there were quite a few colours to play with including gold, blue & pink so decided to just go with them all! Haha! 
For the face I used MAC Studio tech NC35 & MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer. I decided to keep the cheeks bronze with W7 Honolulu bronzer to contour & Victoria Jackson bronze shimmer for a bit o’ glow :)  On the lips I used No7 lip liner in Nude & Sleek’s Naked lippie.
                                                            Excuse the annoying fly away hairs! Grrr :-/

The eye shadows I used were all from my Coastal Scents 88 colour palette which I love using as it has so many lovely colours for you to play around with, both matte & shimmer of a nice quality :) Starting from inner corner I added a bit of gold on the inner half of the lid, next applying a subtle pink on the outer half blending the two well in the middle. Then mixing a couple of blue shadows till I got the right shade just blended some of that in to the outer V & finally highlighting the inner corner & under the brows with a shimmery white. To add a touch more definition I dabbed on some Barry M dazzle Dust in Yellow Gold, just to give it a bit more sparkle before finishing with winged eyeliner on the upper lash line & waterline using MAC Fluidline Blacktrack & a sweep or two of Clinique High Impact mascara, Done! :)

 Hope you liked the FOTD dolls, as always thanks for reading!

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