YSL Faux Arty Ring Giveaway Winner! (with a few kitty antics....):D

Heya dolls! Hope you’re all goooooooooood! So we finally have us a winner for my YSL Faux Arty Ring Giveaway which is now officially closed. Thank you so much to everyone who entered & who RT’d about my giveaway on Twitter also, you all are awesome & thanks so very very much again for everyone who supports this little old blog of mine by following. It means the world to me truly! Big love & hugs to you all! :D
So on to picking the winner, I decided to do things the old fashioned way like I did in my last giveaway a while back & bought out the trusty ol’ beret hat again to put all your lovely names into & pick a winner! And because it’s Xmas, this time I dug out my SPARKLY one, just to jazz things up a bit ya know. 
However it seemed a certain little someone was determined to get under my feet & help me choose the lucky winner this time….enter Madame Kitty, who is actually quite the famous one on Twitter these days as I’m forever tweeting her antics! ;) And I don’t think I’ve mentioned, but the little troublemakers name is actually Hoshi, which is Japanese for Star :)  So over to you Hoshi…who’s it gonna be??
         I smelt chicken....oooh hello whats this, a giveaway??.........Is the prize chicken??

                                                               Alright people.....I'm going in......

                                    Hmmmm, nope tis no good, gonna have to dive in further....
                                                                       Yup......almost got one.....!!!
                               Wooohoooo! We have a winner........now where's my chicken??

Aaaaaaaaand I am happy to reveal that the winner of the giveaway is.....*drumroll*

                                                                       JlaLamb aka Jasmine!!

Congratulations huny! Have emailed you with the details :) Thanks again to everyone who entered my giveaway, not to worry if you didn't win this time, shall deffo be holding more giveaways on the blog in the future!

Now please do excuse me whilst I go feed the cat.....

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Aahhh I've never seen Hoshi, she's sooo lovely! We have a tuxedo cat (though Molly's looks a bit wonky like it's sliding off her shoulder, Hoshi is much nattier!) She's so shiny and looks so cuddleable! I'm ridiculously soppy when it comes to cats :) x

  2. Thanks so much! Ive emailed you my detils :) x

  3. @thepostcolonialrabbit - Awww thank you Naz, your Molly sounds adorable! Hoshi has my mother to thank for the supreme sheen coat of fur thanks to daily morning brushes, such a spoilt little un! Hehe I'm the same when it comes to cats don't worry ;) xoxo

    @Jlalamb - congratulations huny, well done! :) xoxo

  4. that is the prettiest kitty! omg, i want

  5. @socialitedreams - haha aww thanks angel, lol you can have her on loan anytime babe, or better still come over & see me & ya can give her a cuddle too! ;) xoxo

  6. Oh my goodness, can everyone please draw their winners like that? Sooo cute.

  7. @lasophia - hehe, she is now officially the blog mascot & will def be making appearances in the future ;) xoxo

  8. You've got everything, pretty face, pretty nails and a pretty cat! xoxo p.s. and your my lil sis :D

  9. @skinscrubs - hehe awww Mrs A, if only that were true! ;) Thank you for such sweet words p.s your my big sis :D mwah! xoxo

  10. Awwh your cat is so cute! ^.^ xx


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