You've Got Nail! Serious Nail Hauling with Deborah Lippmann Dupes!! :D

Greetings sweethearts! You all good? Can I get a whoop whoop of joy for that fab Friday feeling!! Hell yes, this week had just been insane on so many levels; if you follow me on Twitter then you’ll have some kind of idea what I mean. Let’s just say it’s been interesting to say the least dealing with some most unusual sorts at work & then some! *deep breath* 
Very much looking forward to this weekend though! Not only will I be partaking in a spot of Xmas gift shopping where a cheeky festive Starbucks will no doubt be squeezed in at some point, I’m also going to be meeting up with an old school friend who I haven’t seen in over 10 years! Super excited! What have you all got planned this weekend?

Have a seriously special haul of the nail variety that I HAD to share with you lovelies as not only does it include some supremely purdy polish’s & nails bits & bobs that I can’t wait to try but I’ve also managed to find that one thing that I’ve been searching for what seems like an eternity! What might that be I hear you ask? Well tis none other than the most fabulous Deborah Lippmann dupes! Yes! And I totally have the fab Shortiee31 to thank as I found them through her so thanks babe! :D More on these fab dupes in a bit... ;) First though, here are the other little pieces that I bought & were kindly delivered by my lovely Mr Postman who I might as well be on first name terms with now!
I’ve wanted to venture a lot further in to nail art & try some more interesting designs, so after a bit o’ browsing on Ebay, I decided to get these awesome nail art wheels containing a large selection of different coloured rhinestones, beads & fimo pieces. There are 20 wheels altogether so there’s definitely a lot of variety to play with, can’t wait! The nail arts wheels cost £14.99 for 20 which is bloomin awesome & I got them from this seller HERE if anyone’s interested! :)    
Aaaaah Models Own. Now there’s a brand that’s…erm….shall we say “popped” up quite a bit on this blog recently! Haha! I’m sure you’re all familiar with the awesome collection that Models Own recently released going by the name of Beetlejuice & if not where have ya beeeeeeen!!! Well you all know my thoughts on the collection (LOVE!) & I posted about each one in the collection in case you missed them :)
 I grabbed these four polish’s when Models Own had their amazing 50%off online a sale a while back? Well of course I had to take advantage of THAT fab offer! The polish’s I went for were (from L-R)Top Turquoise (Creamy Light Blue), Cherry Pie (Dark Shimmery Burgundy), Peacock Green (Duochrome Teal Blue) & 24 Carot Gold (Metallic Gold) Can’t wait to try em!

And now finally for the piece de resistance my dears….(WARNING: GLITTER AHEAD)…the fab Deborah Lippmann dupes courtesy of NYX & Milani!
 I purchased these bad boys from the website Cherry Culture which sells a variety of makeup brands for really great prices plus ship internationally. Now I should mention that the shipping cost was just under £10, but I didn’t mind paying that in the slightest as the NYX polish’s themselves cost me just under £1.50 each!!!! So when you think about how much the gorguz Lippmann polishes retail for (£17-£18!!!) it’s a bloomin bargain! I also FINALLY picked up the stunning Milani Jewel FX Gold which I have been lemming after for yonks!! Cherry Culture also popped in a cutesy bubblegum lipbalm too :)
The stunning NYX Carnival is a mix of crazy colourful glitter which is obviously the dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday! Not just that one but also the OPI polish Rainbow Connection from the Muppets collection?? Really wanna try this over black polish...
The beautiful NYX Dorothy, a deep red polish with large & small red glitters, which bears quite a strong resemblance to Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers??
NYX Dreamy Glitter - this ones not a dupe, but I just loved the different shaped glitters inside! Clearly the inner barbie girl coming out, think this would make a fab topcoat!
And last but not least, its the stunning Milani Jewel FX Gold! Down magpie, down!!! Isn't just gorg though? Like I said, I've wanted this polish for ages & am so happy to finally have it in my collection! I'm actually wearing this as an accent nail right now (post coming soon!!!) & have had so many comments on it....defo an eye catcher this one & quite similar me thinks to Lippmann's Shake Your Groove Thing? Even better it was only around £2.50! Fab! :D Can't tell ya how over the moon I am to have found a way to introduce Lippmann-esque glitters into my life & NOT get bankrupt in the process... ;p

And that's all folks! Haha...for now at least, lets just say this was me controlling myself big time! But I don't think this gals done too badly & cannot wait to give these polish's a test drive ;) Hope you liked! Have you tried any of these polish's? Which ones your fav? Any recommendations?? 

As always thanks for reading beauts!!

Lotsa love to ya,


  1. Awesome nail haulage, I haven't painted my nails for nearly two months now so I better get cracking!

  2. I have the same wheels!!!
    Great haul!

  3. @skinscrubs - thank you Annabella me lovely! *GAAAASP* two months?!?! We need to rectify this ASAP huny ;) xoxo

    @rock-or-not - Oh do you?! Haha can't wait to start trying them out! Thank you babe :) xoxo

  4. GAWD I love the NYX red glitter. Hot. ♥

  5. I Can`t stop buying it from eBay! ^___^ xx

  6. @ShangJ - Thanks babe, can't wait to try it, looks so lovely & Xmassy! :) xoxo

    @Yuliya - haha yes Ebay is a very dangerous place that's for sure! ;) xoxo

  7. Ahh so glad you love them as much I love them! Glitter heaven, right? ;)

  8. @shortiee - heya hun! Haha totally in glitter heaven right now, can't wait to try them, thanks so much for introducing these beauts in my life! ;) xoxo


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