What I Wore...Xmas Party OOTD! :D

Evening me lovelies! You all well? So, how many of you out there have braved the sales this past week? If so did ya grab any good finds? Myself & the mumma took ourselves to town at a leisurely hour on Boxing Day, couldn’t be done with waking up at a time no human being should ever see, thus grabbing a few extra hours within the warm confines of my duvet ;) Also I really don’t do well in crowds….at all. & I’m thinking it was a good thing seeing some of the stories I’ve heard of stampedes, people grabbing entire rails & legging it, folks being trampled on left right & centre & worse! :-/ Hmmm think I’ll pass on that joyous experience ;) But you’ll be proud of moi, didn’t go overboard this year & managed to pick up a few pretty things which I shall blog about soon!

Today’s post is the outfit I opted to wear for our work Xmas do. This year we went to a dinner & dance held at a hotel estate that’s quite local to us & where we’ve had parties before. They’re always plenty full of fun & good times, we got quite lucky in last minute booking otherwise we could’ve easily have ended up having our Xmas meal at Pizza Hut! And that would have just been depressing…. ;)
Anyhoos moving on, here’s the dress I wore...
I picked up this lovely dress from Miss Selfridge at House of Fraser after it caught my eye on a little shopping spree a few months ago. I just loved everything about it, from the gorguz cream colour to the soft chiffon-y material, big bell sleeves & of course the touch o’ bling in the form of pretty little diamant√©’s. And the fact that it was half price from £50 to £25 was the icing on the cake! 
The dress is actually a size 6 but the style of it hangs quite loose so I just synched it in at the waist with a gold belt. To accessorize I added the beast of a ring that my girl Vonnie sent me plus a pair of long gold drop earrings which were a gift & you can just about see in the pic. I really love them as they actually blend into the hair really nicely! :)
 As usual I was running muchos late, hence the dodgy snaps. I mean this one here where I tried (very unsuccessfully) to include the shoes I wore & almost fall arse over tit in the process is just bloomin diabolical, but it’s the only one have so let’s just put it in the post for fun eh? Aforementioned shoes were a pair of black sling back stilettos with a gold heel bought from Dolcis yonks ago. 
For the makeup I decided to go for a golden bronze Arabic style eye look which I’ll post about another time? Thanks for reading my lovelies! What did you all wear for your Xmas parties? 

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Wow! What an utterly gorgeous outfit hun! Reminds me of the most glamorous christmas fairy :) gorgeous shoes too!


  2. This outfit is just stunning! :) So pretty and festive! Can't wait to see the make-up post!

    I braved the sales fairly early in Reading (well half 8/9ish) hoping it would be quiet which luckily it was! Bagged a few bargains and was able to go home come lunch time when it got really manic (I don't do well in crowds either!)

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas :) xx

  3. gorgeous outfit hun! i havent actually done any sales shopping at all, i just cant stand how hectic and busy shops get! hope you had a lovely time at the party and an even lovelier Christmas! xx

  4. Looking glam as well as festive, great OOTD x

  5. @fashionismyh20 - haha thank you my lovely! What a nice thing to say :) my friends & I often joke about how I must be 1/8 pixie due to my shortness ;) lol!

    @sarah - aww thank you so much Sarah! :) Ooooh nice one for grabbing some bargains, hope you got some lovely bits & bobs! Had a lovely Xmas thank you, hope yours was wonderful too? :) xoxo

    @daintymakeup - thanks sweety! Lol I don't blame you at all hun, it can get VERY frustrating! The party was really wonderful thank you & so was Xmas :) Hope you had an amazing one too! xoxo

    @knightseclectic - thank you so much hun! xoxo

  6. Such a lovely, floaty, vintagey lookin dress. It's beyond gorgeous! Bet you knocked them dead at the Christmas party ;) xo

  7. @halima - haha lol! awww thank you so much my Lima bean! Glad ya like the dress, you're welcome to borrow anytime ;) xoxo

  8. That dress is divine! Love when people wear winter white, especially brunettes like us! The belt was the perfect touch. Xoxoxo.

  9. @lasophia - Eeeee thank you babe! Son glad you like the dress my gorguz fashionista ;) xoxo


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