NOTD - Molten Metallic Frostness & New Fav Topcoat!

Well hello there sweetpeas! Have you all had a lovely jubbly Xmas? Hope all you lovelies out there got what you wished for from old St Nick but more importantly had a wonderful time relaxing to the max & eating excessive amounts of food with all your loved ones :) I’ve only just gotten out of my food induced coma…oh it was goooooooooood ;)

Not quite ready to let go of the merriness just yet I’m still in keeping with the festive spirit ya might say with today’s NOTD. I’d been hunting for the perfect silver foil polish for absolutely aaaages, a sort of mission in life if you will, but with no luck! All the ones I’d come across where just not shimmery & well….foil like enough! Bad times. Thankfully though my prayers for the perfect silver foil where answered by my lovely friend & fairy blogsister Chelle who, sweetheart that she is, kindly sent me the absolutely gorguz “Titanium” polish from Face of Australia Molten Metallics for my birthday a while back! Thank you sweety, I absolutely LOVE it! Haha she must’ve remembered how much I drooled over it on her blog! ;)

Titanium is exactly what it says on the bottle, a gorguz molten metallic silver that delivers the blingiest desired foil like effect. Huzzah! I think you’ve probably guessed that I have a soft spot for foil like polish’s…. :-/ In this mani I wanted to up the sparkle factor to the max because…well…it’s that time o’ year…enter at this point the dazzling Deborah Lippmann “Today Was A Fairytale” for a bit o’ accent finger action! :D
Titanium’s applications was dreamy in two coats on all the fingers, though you could even get away with just one with this, I then added a coupla coats of the Lippmann on my ring finger for some festive sparkle.
To finish I applied No7 Topcoat which now has pride of place as my number 1 favourite topcoat. This stuff is seriously brilliant & the reason why I can easily do my nails last thing at night (which is pretty much the only time I can!) & NOT worry about having those dreaded duvet marked nails in the morning! By the time I’d applied a coat to my 2nd hand, the first is touch dry already. Fab! Available from Boots for around £7, I definitely recommend dolls!  
Hope you liked the mani me lovelies! Are you a fan of foil polish’s? What your fav topcoat? Would love to know! As always thanks for reading!

Lotsa merry love to ya!


  1. I love this look! The accent fingernail looks amazing. I will pick up that top coat next time there is a voucher going too, I am lacking a good top coat in my collection. If you like foils by the way you should check out the Barry M lilac one. x

  2. "Today Was A Fairytale" is beautiful!

  3. @discoveringbeauty - thank you hun! Oooh hope you do pick it up, it really is a fab topcoat. Haha can't wait for the £5 vouchers to come back as I shall defo be stocking up on this! Oooh thanks for the rec hun, have seen the lilac foil on a few blogs & it looks stunning! xoxo

    @shortiee31 - agree with ya 100% hun! It really is a very special polish & definitely one of my favs! xoxo

  4. This combination looks AMAZING on you lovely!! I'm so blinded by the sparkle lol. I'm so glad you love the shade <3 It's so awesome we were wearing it at the exact same time!!! =D Great minds think alike ;)

    Oh my goodness I'm so excited to try out the No7 topcoat!! Thank you so much my beautiful friend for sending it to me to try!

  5. Love this! I absolutely love the accent nail. I am going to have to get that one. And I am in need of a decent topcoat. Can't seem to find a decent one, so will be checking this one out when there is a £5 voucher offer too! x

  6. @chelle - *passes over shades* ;) Haha thank you my lovely lady! Oh my gosh I know! That was too funny, great minds indeed angel ;) Awww you're more than welcome hun, let me knows what you think of it as well as the others! :D mwah! xoxo

    @missstylicious - Thanks sweety! Yes, you must, its an extravagance but def a lovely addition to any collection! The topcoat really is fab too, hope ya get! I shall def be using the £5 vouchers on this baby now ;) xoxo

  7. Hi Aysh..
    lovely nails you got there :)
    just one question, about the Boost top coat here..is it better than Seche Vite Top Coat?
    but i don't think we have that brand here in Indonesia T_T .. i have to import almost everything related to my polish-addiction..*sad*

    1. hello there hun, aww thank you so much for the lovely comment :) Ooooh hun, I actually have not tried the Seche Vite top coat so honestly cannot say how it compares! :-/ I've heard good things about it though so may have to put that on me list! :) xoxo


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