NOTD - Mink & Gold with Nails Inc "Heather Grey" :)

Evening bellas! Now I should ideally be packing right now for this weekend’s trip to La Pareeeee, where I shall soon hopefully be mingling with Mickey & Co & unleashing the inner Disney Princess that we all know lives in each of us girls! But well, you know how when ya get out of the loveliest bubbly bath, hop in to the PJ’s & tuck yourself right into the bed so you can hardly move???? Yeah that. So I guess I shall have to do the thing I always & do & which I pretty much excel at now & that is the wonderful thing that is LAST MINUTE PACKING tomorrow. Oh it’ll be fiiiiiiiiiiiine…..*reassures self*…… :-/
Anyhoos, here's a quick ol’ NOTD I did not too long ago, using the lovely “Heather Grey” one of my favourite polish’s from the Nails Inc & Diet Coke collaboration that happened a while back, which I friggin loved & of course took full advantage of. In case you’re not sure what this is, Nails Inc & Diet Coke basically got together & released four lovely limited edition nail polish’s which could be all yours simply by purchasing two bottles of Diet Coke! Fab right? This was the 2nd collab they did but I really hope they do another one! :D
Looking at the mani now I actually noticed in the pics that it matches the décor of my room quite well, haha what a coincidence! 
Please do excuse the appalling photographs dolls *hangs head* but remember being in a bit of a rush that day hence just being able to do a few quick snaps! I was clearly in the mood for not one but two colours on my nails, so first applied a coupla coats of the Nails Inc Heather Grey which is a really lovely, pinky-toned, purple mauve shade or “Mink” as my aunt decided to call it & which I quite like too so “Mink” it shall be! Really unique & unlike anything I own. I found the consistency quite thick, but then I’ve found that with most of my Nails Inc polishes? So much so that one coat would probably do but I like to go for two because I’m just weird like that. Once that had dried I added a touch of gold by free handing a half moon shape on the top half of the nail using my fav gold polish by Revlon, 118 CARAT. A real quick & easy way of doing nail art & jazzing up a mani :)

Hope you like! As Heather Grey, which looking at closely bears quite a strong resemblance to Illamasqua’s Velocity, was part of the limited edition collection, not sure if its easily available but hey, no harm in checking good ol’ Ebay!! The place that pretty much almost always delivers! :D 
Thanks for reading chicadees!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Those quarter moons (?) are immaculate! Love the colour combo, am annoyed I missed out on that Nails Inc shade but I have so many grurples in my collection that I probably already have a dupe anyway. They're my favourite shades :) x

  2. @thepostcolonialrabbit - thanks darling! Haha, wasn't sure whether to describe them as half or quarter moons *ponders*. Its a lovely unique shade right? Love the term 'grurple', good description! :D xoxo

  3. Love these colours together, so sleek and understated x

  4. Wow...Its wicked :-D :-D btw sucha lovely blog :-) xx
    A new follower from sunniewrites.blogspot.com, woule love if you follow me back <3 <3 <3 xxxx

  5. @knightseclectic - hey there hun, thanks very much, gald you like the combo! xoxo

    @sgwrites - aww thank you so much hun, that's so nice of you to say, glad ya like! :D xoxo

  6. Just the fact that the polish has a diet coke sticker on it makes it cool. Very pretty color combo. Inspires me to stop biting my nails once and for all!

  7. @lasophia - haha totally hun! Who knows, might become a collectors item... Thanks lovely, glad ya like! :D xoxo

  8. Love this! Pretty colour combo :) xx


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