A Make Up Swap With A Socialite.... ;)

Greetings lovely ones! Eeeeee just one more day to go then festive freedom & food induced coma’s here I come! Seriously, I cannot wait for some total zone out time with food & family, work has been murder this week! I guess the season isn’t jolly for everyone by the looks of it! :-/ But like I said....just one more day ;)

Now, my lovely socialite Vonnie is seriously gonna laugh her bootyful caboosey off when she sees this post, as this delightful makeup swap actually took place yonks ago & I’ve only just got to posting about it!!! LOL! Was sorting through pics on the old lappy top the other day for the blog & found these lost like little divers out at sea amongst them, so here we go my gorguz girly from the other side of the pond, better late than never non??!! ;D

I’ve said it many a time on this here bloggy about how truly wonderful it’s been getting to know & on few lucky occasions meeting other bloggers. The blogging community is just awesomely lovely & I’ve been so fortunate to make some fab friends through it too :) One of the great things is also sharing the beauty love with fellow blogger girlies & participating in makeup swaps which are super fun! It’s also a great way of trying out products that aren’t easily available here & vive versa :D So whilst I sent my girl Vonnie some Sleek & Barry M goodies & other bits & bobs, here’s what the lovely lady kindly sent my way in return :) Thank you babe!
The chocs suffice it to say disappeared in record quick time ;) As well as the chocs Vonnie sent me a few NYX products I’d been dying to try as well as perfume, hair products, mineral eye shadow, bling in the form of a puuurdy ring, the ELF Shimmering Facial Whip that couldn’t have come at a more perfick time as my Benefit High Beam has gone bye bye & finally some gorguz new polish’s to play with! (she knows me well)
 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk, Black Bean & Electric Blue. I've been wanting to try these babies for a while now as I've seen them in many a tutorial being used as a base before eyeshadow to create a more heavily pigmented look. The consistency of the pencils are gorguz too, so smooth & lovely!
NYX Luscious Lip Palette in The Naturals, NYX Lip Gloss in Pink Frost & NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Sheer Ruby. Vonnie couldn't have picked a better lip palette for me as ya know how I love my nude colours! The palette is such a fab compact size as well, with a cute mirror & brush making it perfick to pop in the bag. The lip glosses are lush too, the pink one smells like fizzy cola! 
NYX Purple Smokey Look Kit. A lovely looking palette with 9 eyeshadows & 2 lip colours to play around with. Looking forward to hopefully creating some successful purple smokey eye looks with this palette that WON'T make me look like Ive been punched in the face ;)
Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream. Oh my god, have tried this stuff & its amaze!! I'd been wanting to try Fekkai products for a while as I've heard lots of good things about them so squealed with joy to see this beauty! You literally only need a drop of it to run through your locks, either wet or dry & hello smooth, glossy tresses!
& finally some gorguz looking polish's from Wet n Wild, Rustic (metallic bronze shimmer) & Red Red (glossy red) as well as the hot looking Smokin In Havana by OPI! Expect NOTD's! :D

Thank you so much for the lovely goodies my Bonnie Vonnie! Absolutely love them all, hope you liked your bits & bobs too! ;D Sorry it took me so bloomin long to post it! ;) Haha!

Have you lovelies tried any of these products before? Or have also partook in a delightful makeup swap? :) Thanks for reading chucks!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. I LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!!! Make-up swaps are officially the best thing ever. Wish I had a friend overseas! Maybe I can send things to myself!
    Lovely post Aysh!

    Katie x

  2. amazing swap! love all the NYX stuff xx

  3. glad that you loved the stuff baby!

  4. @ktgray3 - aww thanks katie glad ya liked! :D Haha yeah deffo makeup swaps are just pure awesomeness! :) xoxo

    @rakhshan - thanks hun! Have tried some of the NYX stuff, really lovely :) xoxo

    @socialitedreams - aawwww thanks again my gorguz angel for the lovely goodies! Mwah! xoxo


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