MAC Supreme Sheen Lipstick - Ultra Daaaaaaaarling! :)

Bonjour ma belle amis! Comment sommes-nous? Trying to brush up on the old French there my dears, apologies for that, though I say brush up but to be honest I haven’t really gotten much further than your standard “Hi”, “Bye”, “How are you?” & “Excuse me, where is the toilet please?” (I drink a lot…….of fluids though dolls! I’m not an alcoholic don't worry) And why exactly am I trying to recall all those old French lessons I endured at school? Well my lovelies, yours truly along with the matey is off to recapture her childhood at the one & only magical wonderland that is DisneyLand Paris next weekend! *SQUEALS!* Sooo super excited I cannot wait! I’ve never been before & it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go to as I am a pretty hard-core Disney fan, so definitely looking forward to it! Have any of you lovelies ever been? Do let me know!
Now, ‘twas mentioned in a previous post that I recently paid visit to a MAC counter for a little make up fix & ended up leaving with a pretty new lipstick in my clutches? Now this rare occurrence in itself is pretty much a bloomin unheard of miracle, as you must know by now how lipsticks & I get on! But the MUA at the counter was truly nice & listened to my tales of woe about how I normally stay clear of lipsticks due to suffering badly from the ghastly dry lip syndrome but wanted to change that! I also told her that I needed to get out of my nude lip rut, as those are the tones I ALWAYS go for with the few lip products I do own. So the lovely lady steered me in the direction of the gorguz looking MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick range consisting of a variety of shades to choose from! The colour we ended up going for was Ultra Darling, a super pretty mid-toned pink with yellow undertones.
The formula of these lipsticks is just beautiful, so smooth & glossy yet not sticky at all. They applied really nicely & I just love how they give the lips a pop of colour without feeling like there’s anything heavy on your lips :) Me being me, I reached straight for the nude colour within the range, but the assistant handed me this shade saying it would go well with my skin tone & I’m so glad she did as I am loving! I also found it incredibly moisturising, I normally need to prep my lips to within an inch of their life before even thinking about applying lippie but don’t think I’ll need to do all that with this! Lasting power was pretty impressive too, I mean I still had it on by the time evening came around & I really do just love the colour as it’s something suitable for everyday as well, very wearable :) 
Thank you for reading daaaaaaaaaaahlings. The MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks are available for £13.50. Have you ever tried any lippies from this range? Any shades you would recommend? Do let me know!

FYI – Have decided to extend YSL Faux Arty Ring Giveaway dolls! The reason TOTALLY being that things are a bit crazy with work right now hence leaving me strapped for time & NOT pure laziness you understand…. ;) If ya haven’t entered yet go, go GO! :D

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. That colour is gorgeous sweetie! Lipstick envy right now!X

  2. @discoveringbeauty - aww thanks so much huny! xoxo

    @chlo - heya cutie! Thanks so much darling, you should try it out, it'll look gorg on you :) xoxo

  3. I love the colour! I think i'll be ordering me some of that :) xx

  4. loving the nail polish! that lip color is amazinggggg on you, just perfect

  5. gorgeousness! It really does look lovely on you and I love the sound of the texture. I tried to buy a mac lippie yesterday but couldn't choose!

    Nic x


  6. its looks really pretty on you and the texture of the liptick seems really nice and moisturising!!x

  7. I don't own it, but it looks so pretty! I mean I love supreme sheens, just for their texture...I like the swatch on your hand and on your lips it looks even more of a gorgeous colour!
    ps.Je suis jealous of toi ma cherie...Tres jealous.

  8. This is such a gorgeous shade!! Thanks for sharing <3

  9. Gorgeous colour!


  10. I really like MAC lipstick in "rebel." It is my new fave. I too was stuck in a rut and this brought me out of it. It looks like a dark purple but goes on this pinky red plum. I looooovvee it!

  11. @Aneka – it’s a lovely colour non? Hope you get it! :) xoxo

    @socialitedreams – thank you my bonnie vonnie! Hehe blog post about that polish coming soon! ;) Glad ya like the lippie too! :) xoxo

    @strawberryblonde – hey hun, aww thank you! The texture of the lippie really is gorguz, deffo recommend! Haha really? Well there ARE so many gorguz lippies to choose from there ;) xoxo

    @rakhshan – thank you so much huny! Xoxo

  12. @Ria - Awww ne pas ĂȘtre jaloux mon darling! ;) LOL! I totally did NOT have to google that! ;) Awww I love your comments huny, you’re such a sweety! Oooh which ones have you tried, if any? This is my first Supreme Sheen & defo not my last methinks! LOVE :D xoxo

    @ruqaiyakhan – thank you hun, you’re most welcome xoxo

    @D – aww agree it’s such a lovely pink isn’t it? :) xoxo

    @lasophia – heya cutie! Ooooh MAC “Rebel” sounds fab, will def be checking that out hun! Tis a good feeling when you’re finally out of a rut & trying something new! Go giiiiiiirl! ;) xoxo

  13. I only have one lipstick in the Sheen Supreme formula.. It's a beaut! :)

  14. @shortiee31 - Haha agreed! Can't believe it took me so long to find them! May have to go back for some more... ;) xoxo


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