Le Disneyland Paree! *PIC HEAVY...oh & err word heavy too I guess...*

Hello hello & happy Sunday my lovelies! Are you all having a lovely weekend? What have you all been up to? Lotsa Xmassy things I expect! Myself & the matey headed on down to London town yesterday to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park which was lovely, plus I picked up a muchos pretty ring which I can’t wait to share with you, it sparkles. We also paid our regular visit to Harrods as we both just love the place muchly, whilst also stopping at Covent Garden for lunch, where I also did a little stint as a magicians assistant...as you do. 
So after many requests, as promised my dears here is the Disneyland post! I’d better warn ya beforehand…tis gonna be a big un! But oh gosh where to start! I guess the beginning would be good…so Once Upon A Time, in a place not too far far away from London….about 40 minutes or so…there lived a slightly odd, some folk may say unusual, girl who obsessed over all things Disney…*looks over shoulder….looks back* oh right, that’s me. Yup, I’m a pretty hard-core Disney fan & I’m sure I’m not alone yes?! Have lotsa lovely memories as a young un, sitting with all the fam & having many Disney movie marathons. Hey I still do so now! Whenever I’m ill, or even just having a veg out day with friends you can be sure the chances of a good ol’ Disney film being dug out are high! I just love the fact that with these movies, no matter how scary the drama gets (the part where the Evil Queen transforms in to a hag in Snow White….good lord that still scares the bejesus outta me! & that bit…..in Bambi….you KNOW which part I mean fellow Disney fans…nope the mum WASN’T on vacation like dad said… :-/) anyways I digressed a bit there, but the point was, even after all the gripping drama told in the most amazing, magical way in these films, at least you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you will get your happy ending at the end…& boy am I a sucker for a happy ending :D so that plus of course the addition of fun characters & wonderful songs deffo makes for a good movie experience! :D

So of course it’s been a lifelong wish of mine to go to that magical place that is Disneyland where I can just immerse myself in all things fairytale & re-capture my childhood! & twas the most wonderful two days ever, all the things everyone had told me was so true, it really is amazing! It’s almost like there’s the normal world outside, yet the moment ya step in to Disneyland you’re in a whole different magical world, where everyone is happy & smiling at each other, wishing everyone a Merry Xmas, couples, families, and friends, of all ages…the atmosphere is just fantastic. 
My friend & I arrived around mid-morning Saturday via Eurostar & the park is situated right by the station. Now as eager as she & I both were to drop all belongings & go running into the place, arms wide, screaming with joy like a coupla asylum escapees, we managed to restrain ourselves as we had to go check in to our hotel first. We stayed at the Hotel Santa Fe which is a New Mexico, dessert cactus style hotel if that makes sense with a Cars theme! The hotel itself was great, lovely staff & cute themed rooms which were very clean & en suites. There’s also a petrol station right nearby so you can go stock up on drinks & snacks at not so extortionate prices!
Once we were all checked in, we dumped all our bits in our room & made our way to the park! There are shuttles buses that go back & forth from the hotel & park every 5-10 minutes so there’s never a long wait :) Once there you can go 3 ways, to the right is the park itself, straight ahead is the Walt Disney Studios & to the left is the Disney Village where all the cool eatery places, cinema & sports bars are, so seeing as we hadn’t eaten, off to the Village we went, were we had our lovely first meal of pizza & wontons at Planet Hollywood :) NOM!
With our bellies suitably filled we headed off to the park! Before entering the main park, you first go through Main Street USA, which is beautiful! The square is designed like old fashioned America, decorated very festive & the path is lined with lovely, quaint gift shops & lampposts with the stunning castle in view at the end. At certain times of the day, the lamps start flashing & snow is spurted from the rooftops so you’re caught in the middle of a lovely snowfall! So bootiful!
We spent the entire day happily exploring each of the different areas in the park, as well as of course the castle! I think Fantasyland was definitely my favourite as the design of the whole area, rides & buildings etc was just so pretty, like you were actually immersed inside a Disney movie! I felt like breaking out into song many a time…don't worry...I didn't :-/ Here's a view of FantasyLand from inside the castle :D
 We also managed to catch a few parades whilst there including the night-time Fantillusion parade, where all the lights are switched off in the main park & then a procession of floats featuring all our fav Disney characters come through covered in thousands of electronically controlled lights. Pretty amaze! 
For dinner that evening we decided to go all Aladdin & headed to the Agrabah Café were we had a lovely Arabic style all you can eat buffet meal. The food there was really lovely & finished with a lovely cup of sweet mint tea, defo recommend! But you do need to make reservations as with most places within the park!
On Day 2, we made sure to get up early before 8 to make most of the magic hours, which basically allows all hotel guests entry to the park 2 hours before actual opening time! Even if you are tired from your 1st day, which we were, I def recommend you do this as the park is absolutely magical at this time! As you walk in & through Main St USA, the atmosphere is so peaceful & with carols being played out loud, the place just becomes even more magical! Another plus is you basically walk on to most of the rides! Woo!
For brekkie, we went to Au Chalet de la Marionette which is a medieval affair restaurant with a buffet of pastries, cheese, meats as well as cereals, fruits, yoghurts etc. Simple yet very satisfying!
 After brekkie we spent most of the day at the Studio’s where we watched the lovely Animagique show featuring old pal Donald, jumped on a few rides (MUST go on the Aerosmith Rollercoaster…that is all), popped by the Art of Disney Gallery were we both got a bit emotional when a film was played featuring lots of scenes from Disney movies….seriously, was very tear jerking & we totally did NOT get weird looks from others….*cough!* Before we left the Studios we also bumped into a coupla cheeky chipmunks, had a good old chinwag with Goofy plus a great big monster hug from Sully. We did pass Mickey, but poor chap was in a rush, must’ve been late for the next parade or something…
Our time was almost up! :( Before we left we decided to have dinner at Annettes Diner, an American Diner style restaurant complete with jukebox, booths & where the staff all wear roller-skates! Twas definitely amusing whilst waiting for our meal watching the waiters do their stuff whilst carrying trays overloaded with food! The food itself was very yummy (the terms “fatties” defo came to mind) & have to say was impressed with how quickly it arrived seeing as how busy they were! The best of course was the dessert which was an amazing crème brulee type cheesecake with caramel & cinnamon apples….*drooooools* FAB!
Definitely a great end to a most AMAZING weekend! But oh my gosh, I’ve really gone on haven’t I? Well done & thank you if ya made it to here! Lol! Hope you enjoyed reading about the trip, had such a hard time trying to cut it down to this one post & choose which of the 500 or so pics to use!! I’ll leave you with a few more happy snaps…

Hehe, I'll stop now.... ;) LOL! Hope you enjoyed & thanks again for reading my fellow princessess! :D
Lotsa fairytale love to ya!


  1. oh it is stunning!
    What an amazing post, I loved all your photos, so so gorgeous. Looks like you had such a fab time

  2. @steph - hehe thank you my lovely! Really hoped you would enjoy it as I know you are also a fellow Disney fan! Glad ya liked, bet you can't wait to go again! I wanna go back already! xoxo

  3. Absolutely loved this! Looked like you had an amazing time, love the pictures, and want to go myself now. x

  4. I think I need to go to Disneyland just for the food, loving the descriptions and you look so cute with Goofy and Sully hehe xx

  5. lovely photos!! looks like you had an amazing time xx

  6. @missstylicious = aww thanks saf my love, really did have the most amazing time, glad ya liked the pics! :) Yes ya must go! xoxo

    @tass - haha, yes indeedy the food was very good! Eeeee thanks! Yes I am a grown woman & I KNOW tis just some random stranger in costume but I still got so excited seeing em! lol! xoxo

    @roshni - hello hunybun! Awww thank you so much, was a really wonderful trip :) xoxo

  7. Ahhh what a lovely adventure! I went when it was half-built and -16C (our coke bottles froze) with cousins I hate, it really ruined the Paris one for me. But seeing your post has made me want to go!

    And I'm a total Disney freak. My favourite is fairly contemporary, Enchanted. I've watched that twenty times I think! It played a big role in getting me and my boy together, sigh... x

  8. @thepostcolonialrabbit - aww it really was Naz! oh no, how sad your trip wasn't a good experience! :( You must go again, it really is magical, perhaps with the boy???? ;) xoxo

  9. Wow it looks like you had loads of fun pooh bear! All those food pics are making me hungee!

  10. @skinscrubs - aaaah thanks big sis! Was really wonderful :) haha I know! Seeing them all again is making this tummy a rumble! ;D xoxo

  11. Aysh, I'll be honest, I am frigging WELL JEL right now.

    You look like you had an absolute blast! You took some amazing photos! Love the one where you're under the umbrella! ;) xx

  12. @halima - hello gorguz! Haha was just off to see your holiday post! :D Awwww thanks hun, I really did! Haha did ya notice the rain coming down too? My movie snap moment ;) xoxo

  13. One word only : JEALOUS!!

    Everything looks amazing Aysh!! :D x


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