Having A Ball! OOTN & FOTD :D

Well hello there my lovelies! How have you all been? So mon petit choux I’m back from my weekend adventures at the glorious Disneyland Paris! & my oh my, what adventures they were! Twas truly the most magical & fun filled two days ever dolls but boy am I feeling it! Am seriously SO shattered & it hasn’t helped that my legs have been in a half paralysed state since returning, the reason for this being my most disastrous shoe choice on the first day there….Note to self: When it comes to shoes on holiday, ALWAYS go for comfort first rather than fashion! Plus had to return back to work the day after, ideally I think I needed a day off just to recover from my Disneyland experience….damn I must be getting old :-/ But man was it worth it :D I will def be blogging about it soon (bare with me Steph! LOL!) I just need to go through the 500-ish (!!!!) pics that me & the matey took & write it up! Hopefully will grab some time this weekend, in between some last minute Xmas shopping & a trip to Winter Wonderland :)
On to today’s post, since it’s the festive season with lots of Xmas parties happening, I thought I’d post an OOTN & FOTD I did for the ball I attended at a work conference I went to while back. The conference itself was a major snooze-fest so I won’t bore you with the details, although having said that I don’t think I could even if I wanted to….the eyelids did…err…droop at stages…*cough!* But the ball in the evening made up for it. It was held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry & at the beginning of the night a red carpet was laid out for us as we arrived with the paps waiting at the ready to snap us from all directions as we made our way down it! Haha! Was definitely a fun experience to say the least! The ball itself was wonderful with a yummy three course meal to fill our bellies, entertainment in the form of Jack Dee & Lulu followed with plenty of dancing in to the morning hours. Fun times :D
Here’s the outfit I wore on the night, a purple & grey marbled effect maxi dress with black sequins that I picked up from ASOS last year on sale as well as popping on a little black shrug before heading out :)
To go with the dress I had planned to do a full on eye makeup look, but of course, me being me, SOMETHING had to go wrong & in this case it was remembering to pack my roll of makeup brushes but then conveniently forgetting to pack the eye shadow palette…*side eye* So in the end I had to work with what I had in my makeup bag & luckily found an Eyeko Graffiti pen in Purple so ended up doing a quick makeup look using that! Phew!

FACE: Foundation was MAC Studio Tech NC35, MAC MSF Natural Medium with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer.
CHEEKS – Kept simple with Benefit Dallas
EYES – Benefit Eye Bright pencil on inner corner & brow bone, MAC Fluidline Blacktrack along upper & lower lash line, waterline then winged out, Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner pen in Purple applied above black liner & winged out
LIPS – No7 lip liner in Nude, a touch of Carmex & Sleek lippie in Liquor applied on top

Thanks for reading my lovelies, hope you liked! Looking forward to your upcoming crimbo parties? Whatchya planning on wearing?

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. love the dress. gah, so jealous of your trip to disney paris!!!! lol, i'm all about comfort so shoes would have been cute sneakers or flats. poor thing, go get a pedicure/foot massage ;)

  2. Loved this post! I love your dress, it looks gorgeous on you! I always seem to have a make-up disaster moment when I go away, but luckily you were able to fix yours! Will you be putting pics up from Disneyland? Looks like you had a lovely time hun. x

  3. Love the outfit! Your make-up is super pretty too :)


  4. You look gorgeous sweetie <3

  5. this is so pretty, you look lovely aysh! xoxo

  6. @socialitedreams - thank you Vonnie my lovely! Aaaah very smart thinking with the "going for comfort first" whole thing...if only I had done the same! Ooooh a massage sounds like a fabuloso idea! ;D xoxo

    @missstylicious - heya darlin, aww thanks chic :) Yes! I will def be doing a post on Disneyland, just need to sort through all the pics! We took so many! Lol! xoxo

    @sarah - hello hun, thank you so much! :) xoxo

    @chlo - aww thank you my lovely! :D How have ya been? Hope you're well! xoxo

    @danniekate - thank you darling! Hope you've been keeping well chic? xoxo

  7. I love Maxi dresses, this one is so stylish and pretty. And yes Disneyland Disneyland pics I've been to the ones in Florida and California but never in Paris eeep excited!

  8. @skinscrubs - me too hun! Although I have to get most of mine shortened...LOL! Aww its coming hun! Just been super busy lately, but I IS ON IT... ;D xoxo


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