Festive NOTD - "There's No Place Like Home" with China Glaze Ruby Pumps!

Hello cutie pies! You all having a good week? Hope so! Thankfully no horrid drama’s at work this week (yet!) in fact it does seem to be dragging if anything, but then maybe that’s just because I’m just so eager for this weekend to come round already! Mickey, Goofy, Donald….don’t y’all worry, I is coming babaaaaaay! ;) Oh dear, poor guys….won’t know what’s hit them :-/
So sweety’s, ‘tis the season to be jolly non? So of course had to throw in a festive mani to get in to the Xmas spirit! Decided to channel my inner Dorothy today with some gorguz red glitter courtesy of China Glaze Ruby Pumps, quite possibly my most fav gorguz red glitter polish EVER….you know how I’m not the exaggerating sort yah??? *side eye* But seriously darls, it’s truly lovely, lots of sparkly red glitter goodness with a smooth glossy finish, none of that grittiness normally associated with glitter polish’s, your inner magpie will be satisfied :) I applied the Ruby Pumps on top of a coat of black polish as I wanted to get a really deep red, a little tip I’d learned recently in bringing out a stronger colour & was really happy with the finish! 
To jazz it up a tad more, not that it really needs it as this polish just by its oneness is funkalicious, I added a cute little green rhinestone gem from one of my new nail art wheels in the corner adding a nice, contrasting, leafy green touch to the red…I know its shaped like a star but let’s just pretend its holly okay as, well….you see a lot of holly around at Xmas…& errm....yeah. *cough!* Anyhoos, I think it was a hit as I received many a lovely comments today which always makes me so warm & fuzzy with happiness inside! :D 
Hope you like! Oh & seeing as this mani had another little theme to it as well as Xmas, I just couldn’t resist sharing with you lovelies these cutesy Wizard of Oz Dorothy Ruby Slippers earrings & necklace, which hold quite a high sentimental value with me as Papa Bear bought me this set donkeys ago when I was but a little un & which I still LOVE! :D....errrr do excuse me, I...ummm...appear to have something in my eye....*grabs tissue*
Thanks for reading sweety’s!  ;)

Lotsa love to ya! 


  1. Ahh soo Christmassy! I love the star accents too, so pretty. I need me a bottle of Ruby Pumps - especially now I've seen it vamped up with the black. Your Dorothy bracelet and earrings are so cute too, I love that your dad bought them for you! xxx

  2. How gorgeous!! The colour is so pretty and so festive. I love how you added the green stars as well.

  3. @thepostcolonialrabbit - thank you Naz my lovely! I'm so glad ya like it! Was lemming after Ruby Pumps for the longest time & it didn't disappoint! Aww thanks lovely, still remember the day he gave them to me, we were watching Wizard of Oz (shock horror! lol!) xoxo

    @hifashion - hey there sweety! Thank you so much, this mani definitely gets me in to the festive spirit! ;) xoxo

  4. This is so festive - Love it! :)

  5. @shortiee31 - aww thank you so much hun! :D xoxo

  6. Gorgeous! Very festive too :) xx


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