OOTD - French Lace :)

Greetings lovely readers!
Having a good week so far? Wish I could say I was but nope, here I am, stuck in me bed with the nasty bugger flu for company, feeling immensely sorry for myself :( So at the moment my current state of mind is a bit hazy what with all the drugs/remedies & all so if you find parts in this post makes no sense whatsoever then apologies me lovelies!
But I guess there are some merits in being off sick in that I can catch up on the old blogaroony :D I only hope I manage to complete this post before passing out headfirst on to the ol’ laptop! So will try & keep as short & sweet as possible (well…as short & sweet as this rambler can) with a quick OOTD to share with you lovelies!
So here is an outfit I wore quite recently featuring one of my fav dresses that I picked up from that most beloved store TK Maxx, which I felt had a touch of the Parisian feel to it, what with the addition of my trusty beret hat & loafers :D
Dress - TK Maxx, Leggings - River Island, Loafers - River Island, Hat - Accessorize

I’m sure you know by now my immense love for TK Maxx. I really do love having a good ol’ browse session in there as you can really find some truly gorguz & unique pieces! My wardrobe is steadily filling with many a purchase from this fab place, this pretty black & white dress being a fav amongst them :) I teamed it with some skinny black trousers, black loafers & of course the beret! I really want to start wearing hats a lot more, at first I thought hmmm, maybe not a good idea with this minuscule head of mine, but I really feel they can add a nice touch to an outfit! The loafers I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with….whilst I love how they look, they’re one of those wraparound types of shoes?? So after a while your foot can feel like it’s in some sort of old age torture device! But I still wear them anyhoos because I do love em & well...I’m an idiot. ;)
Just before heading out, for some extra cover I threw on the lace blazer I picked up from the Republic online sale last year & which I posted about here. This is without a doubt one of the best purchases I have ever made! Not only is it super pretty with the lace detailing (who doesn’t love a bit o’lace??) but it fits really well, is super comfy & goes with so many outfits! Big big love for this piece :D 
Wooo! I made it...just...major drooping action going on with the eyelids right now, so best answer their call! So that's my frenchy themed ya might say OOTD lovelies, hope ya like! Thanks for reading & catch up with you soon....hopefully when I'm in a more stable frame of mind.... ;) Au Revoir for now bellas!

Lotsa french kisses!


  1. i want that lace blazer badly! omg, it's sooooo gorgeous and unique, quite a good buy i'd say

  2. beautiful dress! I always find TKMAXX is so hit and miss but then you find a gem like that its worth trawling through for :)

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  3. Such a pretty dress, actually ADORE that blazer too
    gorgeous xo

  4. You look SO CUTE, Aysh! I just want to wrap you up in cotton wool :D Seriously, you look absolutely stunning. The lace blazer is definitely the icing on the cake, loves it! :) xo

  5. @socialitedreams – I’m so glad you like it boo! That’s why I got it; because it’s so unlike anything I own plus it goes with so many outfits! Yay! :D xoxo

    @lucyboots – heya hun! Thank you :) Haha I know! Does require a bit of an effort at times but when you find that gorguz piece it makes it all worthwhile! :) xoxo

    @steph – aww thank you so much Steph! The blazer was def a favourite buy! Xoxo

    @Halima – haha! Awwwwww Lima! :) You’re too sweet my lovely matey! Thank you so much, so glad you like my stylish fashionista! ;) xoxo

    @JazzyE- aww thank you so much Hivenn! Hope you’re well sweety. Slowly on the mend, will be back to normal in no time! Hehe! :) xoxo

  6. Do you know it's so refreshing to see an OOTD that doesn't include cleavage and short skirts. Looking stylish and attractive doesn't have to mean putting all on show - less is definitely more. This eye-catching and cute for all the right reasons! (Sorry to sound like a mum btw) LOl

  7. @skinscrubs - awww annabella!! Your comment really made my day :) What a lovely thing to say, thank you! Well I don't really show my legs so ya won't be seeing no short skirt OOTD's on this here blog! Lol! Thanks again Mrs A, love you! xoxo


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