NOTD - Sapphires & Diamonds with Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale :)

Hello & Happy Friday my lovelies! Yay for the weekend! This week has seemed like the longest ever in the history of long weeks, but now we can thankfully welcome the weekend with open arms :) Definitely helped a little that I had the day off today filled with doing what I do best, which is absolutely sod all! Yes, yes I’m pretty awesome at that as well as taking naps, I’m telling you, there’s nothing more awesome than a lovely daytime nap, leaves you feeling so refreshed & relaxed! I think there should be a new law introduced for a 3 day weekend what do you think? ;)
So my darls, another day another mani to share with you guys & I’ve got to say, I think this may be one of my favs! As not only does it include one of my favourite brands of polish that is the illustrious Barry M, but also THAT special polish that I ummed & ahhhed over buying for the longest time, debating whether to part with a slightly painful £17.50 (eeeek!) But this self-confessed polish addict clearly has ZERO control when it comes to beautiful polishes & I finally caved in & bought the beautiful Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale! And ooooooh what a beauty it is :D 
A stunning silvery blue based glitter polish that frankly blows all other silver glitters out the water Today Is A Fairytale is jam packed full of sparkly hexagonal glitter both small & large that when applied, certainly deliver on the sparkle factor & bling your nails up no end! It’s a disco party in a bottle! It’s also contains “Virgin Diamond Powder” & certainly brings diamonds to the mind when applied as the effect is just dazzling, almost as if you’ve dipped your hands into a bowl of…well…diamonds! :D
I decided to use this stunner as an accent nail in this mani & teamed it with one of my favourite colours from my Barry M collection, which is number 292, Navy Blue I think? My bottle is an old one & doesn’t have the name on it just a number! :-/ Anyhoos a truly gorguz polish, in one of my favourite shades of blue, it has a subtle shimmer running through it that so pretty & reminds me a lot of Sapphires, which also happens to be my birthstone too! Haha! And of course as with all Barry M’s application was a snip in two coats :) For the accent nail I applied three light coats of Today Was A Fairytale on its own to received desired amount of blingy-ness ;) It applied really well actually, as chunky glitters can be a bit of a pain, but didn’t find that at all with this show stopper of a polish & after a slick of topcoat was lovely & smooth to the touch, no rough grittiness :D  Pics? Okay then :)
So do ya like? It really is a bobby dazzler non? *sigh!* ridiculously overpriced??? Yes, indeed it is guilty of that but the ending to this fairy-tale is indeed a happy one solely due to the utter glam factor of this polish & I plan to make this bottle last yonks! Lol!   
Have you tried any Deborah Lippmann polishes? Which ones are your favourite? As always thanks for reading my beauty’s!

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Lotsa sparkly love!



  1. love the colour*you have such beautiful nails:)


  2. Wowww! So so so dazzling! Absolutely love the idea of this for the festive season!


  3. That is absolutely amazing!! :) Beautiful for Christmas! :)

  4. @sd - thank you for the lovely comment huny! xoxo

    @fashionismyh20 - Hey lovley! OMG isn't it just? Just cant stop looking at it when its on the nails! xoxo

    @chlo - thank you sweety! Yup, so perfect for Xmas :D xoxo

  5. Wow this looks beautiful!.. I already have Deborah Lippmann's "Happy Birthday" this will have to be the next on my list!

  6. Be still my beating heart, this is such a stunning mani! The Lippmann works soooo well as an accent and looks so crisp against the blue. Plus you have the most beautiful, elegant nails ever. if pharmacy doesn't work out, I swear a hand model career isn't far away! x

  7. @lauramck - Ooooh DL Happy Birthday is boootiful! Lucky you! :D xoxo

    @thepostcolonialrabbit - haha awwww Naz you sweetheart! Such a lovely comment thank you! Do ya remember how excited I got over this polish?? Its a stunner & yes I just totally loved it paired with the blue :D xoxo

  8. Wowza! Even the hubby impressed!

  9. @skinscrubs - haha glad he approves! Tell him he can borrow it anytime ;) xox


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