New YSL Faux Arty Ring plus one to giveaway! :)

Hey, hey & happy Friday angels! Woo the weekend is upon us at last! *high five!* Sooo, did anything out of the ordinary occur in your day today me lovelies on this most unusual of dates 11/11/11?? Nothing astounding down this end, unless you include the fact that I almost ended up in bloomin Wales! Let’s just say that’s the last time I let mum navigate….*side eye* Had me the day off work so spent a lovely day (once we got there!) at The Oracle shopping centre doing a spot o’ retail therapy (ain’t that the best kind??) plus grabbing a quesadilla or two at Las Iguana’s…………….sorry just had a flashback there…..*drools* As usual I was drawn to my sanctuary that is the beauty halls & came away with a brand new lippie to play with from MAC which I absolutely love! Yup, ya heard right, this lipstick-phobe is making progress me thinks? Seriously though girls, its super lovely & will get on to blogging about it soon! As well as that I also picked up a brand new dress in the loveliest nude pink shade from H&M that cost moi a grand total of…£5!! :D So all in all not a bad day at all!
Today I wanted to show you lovelies the gorguz piece of jewelery porn that I’ve been working the caboose off lately, my new YSL Faux Arty Ring! Heavy on the “Faux” dolls….tis a complete & utter dupe of course! Haha, like I could afford the real thing which is a tad out of my price range ya might say at around the £150-£200 mark, lol! 
Whatchya think? I just fell in love with this ring the moment I saw it & have been lusting after big time, so you can imagine my joy after seeing a perfick dupe of it on a few blogs! So after doing a bit o’ Poirot-esque investigation, I ended up finding my ring on ebay :) I don’t actually wear a lot of gold so decided to go with the silver & black stone design, but after having a looky I want a gold one now too! The turquoise one looks bootiful! In fact, there's quite a few pieces I am liking the look of…oh dear ;)

So my lovelies, I mentioned a while back that I would be holding a little giveaway on here, as not only has it been one year since starting this little blog of mine,  I also recently reached the 200 milestone of which I’m just amazed at! Thank you so much to all of you who follow my blog, it really means the world to me :) So this little giveaway is my way of saying thank you so very much! :) So after pondering for a while on what to giveaway, I’ve decided that when I go ahead & get this here ring in gold, I am going to get one of you, my lovely readers one too in the colour & size of your choice!! :D  The rules to enter are pretty straight forward & simples:

  1. You must be a follower of my blog ( just clickety-click on the GFC bit up on the right hand side)
  2.  Tell me what your current FAVOURITE piece of jewellery is :)
  3. Leave me your email addy so I can contact the winner (SORRY added this after post was published! Not to worry, all will still be entered :) )

And that’s it! The giveaway is open to everyone, international too & a winner will be picked at the end of the month! I would set a date but err…well ya know how I am with time keeping & work etc…lol! But ya have a whole month to enter sweeties, so if you would like to own one of these pretty rings too, ya know what to do!

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!  


  1. Oooh that's gorgeous! My GFC name is Emma D and my current fave piece of jewellery my Pilgrim necklace that my bf got me for getting my degree :)

  2. This is a great giveaway!! My GFC is aquaheart.

    My favorite piece of jewelry.. probably my juicy couture earrings from my Mom. :)

  3. Thats a great dupe, my fave piece atm has to be my silver armour ring from H&M. I have been wearing it constantly:)

  4. Thank you for this giveaway!!
    I follow you as rock-or-not
    rock-or-not at hotmail (dot) fr
    My favorite piece of jewelry is the black hearted necklace my boyfriend gifted me fot my 18 birthday ^^
    Thank you!

  5. my current fave piece is a huge swarovski "chic" ring from my daddy for college graduation :D it's so pretty!

  6. I follow your blog!

    my fave piece of jewelry is this cute double finger ring with hearts on it.

    please enter me!

  7. Great giveaway :) My fave piece of jewellery has got to be statement necklaces ..They really change a plain outfit into a fab one in an instant!


  8. Omg HOW exciting! Please can I enter!! Im at giddyprincess@gmail.com

    Look forward to reading more of your posts xxx

  9. Officially following you now. Love these rings! My fave piece of jewelry is my Melody Ehsani armadillo ring and my email is dulce_sophia@yahoo.com If I ever win! ooh thanks!


  10. a faux?! oh you're so cheeky! xoxo

  11. Love this ring)
    My fave piece of jewelry lately is a Pepper necklace from Swarovski because it's a gift from my boyfriend)
    GFC: Lulu
    email: redalepou@yahoo.com

  12. Hi Aysha, congratulations to you! A giveaway is a fun way to give thanks, but know that I would very much like to read your blog even if you do without. You are valuable enough. I love rings and bracelets , and my favoutmrite piece of jewellery is Taylor Swift leather bracelet. It's an all time favourite because she's a role model to me. Thanks for sharing !
    Email: elizabethquah@gmail.com
    GFc: BethQuahSooJing

  13. Hey please enter me in the giveaway! Have followed too!
    Mt faveourite piece of jewlerry is a Casio watch my bf got me for Christmas last year. I've worn it every day since!
    x x

  14. Ooooh I am gonna enter.

    I'm a follower babe

    Email: Charmr2004@hotmail.co.uk

    Fave piece: Er its my Yes and No silver stud earrings. Sometimes I cant be bothered to answer so now I just reply by turning my head.

  15. lovin the ring!!
    following you now GFC name: rakhshan
    email: rakhshansblog@gmail.com
    fav jewelery: my big chunky rings, love all of them!!

  16. Omg it's amazing!
    GFC: Olga
    My fav piece of jewelry are my Chanel earrings!


  17. GFC: fatema

    email: mclasb11@hotmail.com

    my favorite piece of jewelry is a layered chain necklace

  18. GFC: Numera S
    Email: hommesdefemmes@gmail.com

    My fave piece of jewellery is my necklace which my other half designed and got made. It's my name in Arabic inside a rose! xx

  19. Hey! My favourite piece of jewellery is a gold-coloured finisher's medal which I got from a run a participated in & I love it cause it holds meaning AND doubles as a long necklace! Xxx

    GFC: Trusche
    Email: tinghuan_profile@hotmail.com

  20. Hi!

    ----------------------- I'm now a GFC Follower under: SAUCY | f. | BABY

    ----------------------- My current fave piece of jewelry is my gold cross charm necklace, which I'm wearing HERE.

    ----------------------- saucy.baby21[at]gmail[dot][com]

    Thank you for the chance!!! :D

    --- Nicole

  21. I'm a follower through GFC. My favorite piece of jewelry would have to be my wedding ring!


  22. Hi Hun, I'm a follower :)
    My favourite piece of Jewellery at the moment has to be my cute gold Heart charm necklace which Goes with everything.
    mirrormirrorwall (at) hotmail (dot) com

  23. Hello:)

    GFC: Steph
    Email: stephaniebramham@googlemail.com
    + My favourite piece of jewelry at the moment is a bracelet my boyfriend bought me when he was on holiday! I wear it everyday:)


  24. Omg I thought I'd entered the first day you'd posted about this?! Clearly not...oops! Been rt-ing on twitter though! ;)
    I'm a follower of your lovely blog and my current favourite piece to wear has to be my 'Forgotten Skulls' piece from 'Saras-Secret' (yes, yes sorry it's mine)! Lol! I'm just being honest :)
    Fab giveaway Hun! Xxx


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