Models Own Beetlejuice Part 5 (the last one!) - Emerald Green! :)

Hey there sweetpeas, hope you’re all having a lovely weekend? Just spent the day with the matey & have popped by home to find the internet connection back on! Woo! So taking advantage of that for sure by putting up a post on the bloggy of course! It’s been a tad neglected the past few days as I’ve had quite a bit going on, if you follow me on twitter you’ll know that we had a passing in the family recently. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your sweet & kind thoughts & messages on twitter, it really meant a lot to me so thanks again my lovelies, you all are amazing :)
Today I wanted to share with you lovely lot the last but certainly by no means least beautiful nail polish from the gorguz collection by Models Own that has been Beetlejuice ;) To say I have loved this collection a lot is putting it lightly, I’m sure you’ll agree! Every single one of these baby's has been a big hit with moi & they will certainly have pride of place in my collection & be getting alotta lovin!
The final polish to be given a whirl is the lovely Emerald Black. Now I’d left this one till last because it was the one polish out of the collection that grabbed me the least, whilst the others seemed to have a lot of duo-chrome, colour changing action going on, Emerald Black just didn’t seem to be as dazzling to me in the bottle? Oh how I swallow my words though, because it is boooootiful! A lovely, deep, dark almost black green, the polish has the prettiest emerald/turquoise green shimmers running through it that sparkle beautifully when caught in different lighting. This polish would make a great alternative to a gothic black nail, I loves it! So clearly it’s another winner for me! Haha! Time for some piccies? Okey dokes! 

In my haste to photograph the polish I clearly forgot to do a bit of a clean up job around the cuticle area...woopsie!!! ;) haha sorry about that! So what  do you dolls think? Are ya liking Emerald Black? I think its pretty safe to say the entire Beetlejuice collection gets a big thumbs up from moi! Each polish is just so beautifully unique & down right lovely, you done well Models Own! :D

What did you all think about the Beetlejuice collection? Did you love it as much as moi? Which one was your favourite?

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Lotsa love to ya,


  1. Now I have to be honest and say I haven't been feeling the collection the way you have but this one definitely rocks it for me. It's green and edgy and looks super fabulous on your gorgeously long nail beds! :D

  2. @julianatalia - thank you hun :) xoxo

    @skinscrubs - aww well I'm glad you like this one Mrs A! Green is def one of my fav nail colours. Aww you're a sweety mumma bear ;) mwah! xoxo

  3. The Beetlejice collection is one of the most beautiful out there! Pinky Brown has to be my favourite and the whole collection made it to my Christmas list, thanks to you lady!

  4. @Ria - Hehe glad I'm not the only one who thinks so ;) & yes Pinky Brown is just gorguz! Aaaah happy to help sweety, lol! Hope you get them! xoxo


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