Models Own Beetlejuice Part 4 - Aqua Violet! :)

Greetings my lovely readers!
You all well? So for the past couple o’ posts I’ve veered off track slightly from a particular nail polish collection, the name of which includes a certain type of insect, but then I didn’t want to inundate & overload you all with polish’s! So far I’ve had a play around with three out of the five Beetlejuice polish’s, Purple Blue, Pinky Brown & Golden Green & am loving them all!  They are all just so pretty & unique & I definitely recommend any nail polish addict to have them in their collection ;)
Today is the turn of polish number four Aqua Violet. As with the others, was super excited to try this purdy polish out, but I kinda anticipated it would be a bit of a bugger to photograph! Aqua Violet is a special one for sure as it has all the duo-chrome loveliness like the others, as well as having that amazing colour changing effect! In some lighting it is the most stunning aqua blue, in others a gorguz mauve/violet shade comes through so beautifully! However I should mention before the pics, that the annoying bubbly effect on the nails, is NOT a special effect from the polish but rather the very crappola base coat I used beforehand!! Gaaahh! As I was a tad under the weather I was just too lazy to re-apply so sorry about that! Goes without saying that said basecoat is now in the bin…RIP :( So on to the pics! As I thought, found it really hard to capture the polish in all its prettiness but tried me bestest!

Apologies again for quality of pics, camera just didn’t want to co-operate! :-/  So what do ya think? Me deffo liking! :D (annoying bubbling due to atrocious basecoat aside!!!) It really is a truly gorguz polish & again unlike anything I own, I couldn’t stop looking at my nails when I had it on & almost near dislocated my wrist, twisting it this way & that to catch all the different colours! :D
So my lovelies, that’s four Beetlejuice polish’s down with just one more to go which will be the Emerald Black!
Have you purchased any of the Models Own Beetlejuice collection? What’s been your favourite?

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Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Great colour on you! Especially when the light hits it, looks lovely :)


  2. These types of colours are always so gorgeous but a pain in the butt to photograph so you did heaps well lovely!! The colour is so so gorgeous.

    Lol don't hurt yourself trying to see all the pretty colours!


  3. @numera - thank you hun! It does look so beautifully eye catching when the light hits it you're right! :) xoxo

    @chelle - aww thank you my darling, coming from you that makes my day! Its a purdy one right? Not to worry, ya shall have it soon my lovely! ;D xoxo


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