Models Own Beetlejuice Part 3 - Golden Green

Evening sweetpeas! Have you all had a good weekend? Wishing Eid Mubarak to all my readers who are also celebrating today! Hope you’ve all had a good one, whether celebrating or not, & partook in lotsa, lotsa & lots more eating! That’s what weekends are for right? Currently feeling like a heifer myself but I’m content *pats belly* :) Dad’s special homemade ras malai saw to that (top secret recipe, he won’t even give it to me, his only daughter! :-/) I will discover it eventually though…he’s got to pass on the legacy some time! ;)
So my lovelies, I’ve shown you two out of five puuurdy polishes from the stunning Models Own Beetlejuice collection so far, but that still leaves three more to go! So was umm-ing & aahh-ing over which pretty polish to put on these nails next, but luckily the decision was taking out of my hands by the lovely Sherrie from BeautyintheMirror who requested to see what Golden Green looks like on, so here ya go me darling! I’ll hand you over to the pics to carry on doing the talking… ;)

 Golden Green is described by Models Own as a "fresh, energetic acid" & I think this is the one in the entire collection that has had a lot of people on the bench over?? I guess green is def a tricky colour when it comes to polishes, but I'm personally loving it! (Although, I have yet to come across a polish I DIDN'T like!) The first two pics were taken in the evening in artificial light where the gold shimmer really comes through beautifully & the rest of the pics were taken the next day in natural light. The shimmers were still there but the colour is a lot more toned down to a lovely olive-y green with a subtle changes in the shimmer depending on the lighting. It actually reminds me of those chocolate lime sweeties! 
This polish has also been compared to the infamous Chanel Peridot, which I picked up recently as well & have yet to try! I guess the truth will be in the testing so will get on to doing that, although comparing the two polishes at first glance, Peridot does seem to have a more gold-ish tone to it...
So what do ya think about this shade? Yay? or Nay? Have you bought any of the polishes from this collection? Which ones your fav?
Thanks for reading honey's!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it, this is my fav hun! Lovely swatches xxx Awhh thanks for the message my lovely xxx

  2. Not a huge fan of the colour for me, but it looks great on some people!

    Fashion Translated

  3. @Sherrie - YAY! Glad you like it too my lovely! You're most welcome hun :D xoxo

    @fashiontranslated - yes it seems that this shade has been a bit o' hit & miss! Its too bad it didn't appeal to you, it may grow on ya though ya never know?! ;) xoxo

  4. I love the shape of your nails, they look really long even though they're cut short. My mum has nails like you - so envious ;)



  5. @Lauren - hey there sweety! Aww thank you so much for the lovely comment my lovely! :D xoxo

  6. Freaking LOVE this color. Plus you have lovely looking nails. Am so jel!! xx

  7. @Tali - Heya lovely! Awww thank you so much :) Glad you like the colour too, its gorguz & so different! Loving them all :)


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