Models Own Beetlejuice Part 2 - Pinky Brown! (plus freebie alert!!!)

Evening lovelies! So here we go, introducing another lovely polish from the amazing Beetlejuice collection from Models Own!
Now I know that I am a self-confessed polish addict, but even then I almost never change my polish on a daily basis, normally liking a week’s wear at least out of a mani (asking for a lot I know) This is mainly because Number 1: I am lazy & Number 2:…..I am VERY lazy. But I am just having too much fun trying out these stunning new additions & couldn’t wait to get another colour on these here nails! Plus I thought I may as well make the most of being home, in bed still recovering from this blasted flu, as I’ve made quite the stupid decision to go in to work tomorrow for the one day before the weekend! *sigh!* 
Also this weekend is Guy Fawkes too! *Glances over worryingly at madame kitty who is completely oblivious to the sounds that will be happening over the weekend……* I had actually planned on doing a fireworks inspired mani, digging out the dazzle dusts too, but like I said, these Models Own polishes currently have my undivided attention :D

So the 2nd polish from the collection I’ve got to show you lovelies today is the uber lovely Pinky Brown. Now I’m not very good at all with the whole describing business but shall do my besty! All the polishes in the collection are multi-tonal mixes containing four pearlescent colours in each. This one is described as a warm rusty pink shimmer, which I’d say is pretty spot on! Looking at the bottle you can see the kaleidoscope of different shimmers in there including pink, gold, brown & I even noticed a touch of green shimmer in there all swirled together that look gorguz! Out of these it’s most notably the deep pink & rust that transcends on to the nail creating the loveliest effect! Right, enough talk Aysh! On to the pics shall we?? :)

Errr...haha...what can I say, I guess I got a tad over excited with the pics, but can you blame me?!! Isn't it just a stunning polish? And believe it or these were just a few from the lot :-/ Oh! forgot to mention that this here was two coats with no topcoat :)
Sadly I think Pinky Brown is now out of stock online as well as the box sets! :( but not to worry as Models Own have said they shall be back in stock towards the end of the month!

Before I sign out, just wanted to let you lovelies know about the fab deal Klorane have at the moment! Everyone loves a freebie am I right?? Well if you pop on over to their website & register online, that's it nothing more, then you will be sent a full size shampoo & conditioner of your choice from their range! Amazing! Simply click here to go get yours! (sorry to say its open to UK only! :( ) 
Thanks for reading angels! 

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. This looks like Space Cadet's little sister!I looove it!Thanks for sharing (and adding things to my Christmas list).

  2. @Ria - lol! Space Cadets little sister, love it! You're welcome honey! Oh no, is the Xmas list getting a bit long?...I can defo relate ;) xoxo

    @Emma - hey emma! I know, its just gorguz right?! I'm in love! ;D xoxo

  3. you have such lovely nails, even when they are short they look long. Really like the nail polish colour too, is it difficult to remove though?

  4. @discoveringbeauty - aww thank you so much for the lovely comment honey :) Glad you like the polish too. Umm, well I wore the Purple Blue yesterday which I took off this morning using one of those dip & twist polish removers? (done a post on those too if ya want a look) And I didn't find it hard to remove at all, came off quite nicely! :) xoxo

  5. I'm so upset I missed out on this collection. The colours look lovely! Can't wait till they're back in stock!!

    Just registed for the shampoo & conditioner, can't wait to get it through the post. Thanks for letting us know. Can't resist a freebie, haha! xo

  6. @Halima - awww sweety! Don't worry, they'll be back in stock towards the end of the month so ya can go Beetlejuice crazy then! Wooo! Way to go babes! No problem, we all love us a freebie! xoxo

  7. I wasn't a huge fan of the beetlejuice collection when I saw the bottles online, a few colours were OK but I wasn't overly excited. This is definitely one of the better of the bunch, it looks really pretty!

    I really hope you feel better soon hun, flu is just awful! Good luck at work! xx

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  8. @theothersideofcool - hey Rhi! Hmm its a toughie but this one is definitely veering towards fav status in this collection ;) Its just so pretty & unique! Aww thanks hun, getting there slowly, will be back to norm in no time! xoxo

  9. Every time I've tried to take a pic of this, it doesn't LOOK like this at all!! Need better lighting, gna try at work 2mor!

  10. @vexinthecity - hey hun! Oh no really? Hope ya get some better luck at work! :D Don't give up on em yet! ;) xoxo

  11. OOOo I really love these beetle type polishes!

  12. @tali - they're are so stunning right hun? I think this one is def my fav out of the whole collection :) xoxo


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