Its Showtime! Models Own Beetlejuice Part 1 - Purple Blue!

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!!! It’s showtime babes! :D
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Haha! Hmmm like a lot of people I’m sure (right???) when I first heard of this amazing & muchly anticipated collection due to be released this month by Model Own, I first assumed it had something to do with the movie….which was on just the other night coincidentally! But nope! In actual fact this gorguz collection has been named such due to the stunning & vivid duo chrome, colour shifting finishes, inspired by the wings of a beetle! So unique! Models Own have done well *applauds* Now I am not one at all for anything creepy or crawly but once I laid my eyes on these stunning polishes…..well the palpitations begun! Those who follow me on twitter will know I have NEVER been this excited over a nail polish collection, not even the Muppets OPI collection moved me that much to be honest. All I could hear in my head since seeing pics of these beauties was the inner voice chanting….MUST. HAVE. THEM. ALL!
So you can guess who was there on the computer yesterday morning ready to clickety click away on the Models Own website & have these gems posted off soon to be welcomed in to my open arms ;) And can I just say how amazingly quick & fab the service was! Not only did I get all 5 of the polishes for only £18 (buy 5 save £7) but delivery was absolutely free AND they arrived the very next day! Muchos impressed! :D  And without further ado here they are…
             L-R - Emerald Black, Purple Blue, Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Aqua Violet

*sigh* puuuuuuurdy! :D At first I debated with myself on whether to get the Golden Green, as looking at it closely it does appear to be a pretty darn good dupe to a certain Chanel Peridot which I finally picked up not too long ago!? But hey when you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll & in to the basket it went ;)
I decided to give the Purple Blue first dibs as that’s the shade I was most anxious to try & loves…it didn’t disappoint! A gorguz deep purple shade with vibrant shimmers of fuchsia & indigo blue running through it that really shine out at different angles bringing out the duo chrome beautifully it is just stunning! As usual I got a bit snap happy, so shall we move on to some pics & let them do the talking? (Well, as well as they can in artificial winter indoor lighting, apologies for that!)

    Here's a pic of its reflection in the mirror, really brought out the duo-chrome loveliness!

Ummm, yeah....like I said, got a bit snap happy :D Can't wait to give the other gorguz colours a whirl! So what do you think of the collection? Did you succumb to them as well? Whats your favorite shade out of the lot?
Thanks for reading lovelies!

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  1. So jealous! They are soooo pretty Aysh. I'm going to get them, when the box set comes back in stock ;o( x

  2. Love the look of these polishes and what a good deal! The colour looks gorge on you hun! May have to be naughty and treat myself... ;) xx

  3. Omg it's absolutely stunning on you lovely!! I am sitting here at work drooling at the bottle pics lol. I can't believe they arrived so fast too! I can't wait to see the other colours on you =)

    I hope you're feeling!! xx

  4. Great post :) can't wait to see the other ones! x

  5. @LeanneOCD – Aww hun they are even lovelier in real life! Really do hope you manage to get hold of them too! :) xoxo

    @Claire – I know the deal is great huh? Didn’t even realise till I hit the checkout, ‘twas a lovely surprise! Haha! Aww thank you huny! Yes! Treat yourself darling & go get some! Xoxo

    @Chelle – Sweety!!!! Aww thank you my lovely! Haha *passes you tissue* ;) wow the speed of the delivery was amazing, very impressed! Can’t wait to get trying on the others! Aww thanks hun, feeling a lot better now…especially since these polishes came in to my life! ;) xoxo

    @Sherrie – thank you so much hun! I’m on it me lovely! :D xoxo


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