Gel Liners - MAC Fluidline Blacktrack VS Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama

Hey there my cherubs! How’s tricks? Hope all’s well with you all? I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing for a speedy end to the week already, work has definitely been tipping towards the hellish, murderous, wrist slitting end of the scales lately, let’s just say a lot of overtime has been involved & am beginning to feel it! Also I seem to have gone off food in general majorly these past few days, most odd for me as even though I don’t eat large amounts at one time (ask anyone who knows me, I’m known as ‘little sparrow’ when it comes to eating habits) I DO like my food, but me insides are just feeling ‘blah!’ so have been surviving pretty much on liquids in the form of Frijj milkshakes & cup a soups! Stomach, sort yourself out please?! Thanks mate.
Moving on dolls, as I’m sure you don’t want to hear any more details of my inner bowel happenings, I was requested a while back by the lovely Shannon to do a little post comparing the two main gel eyeliners in my life, so sorry it’s taken me so long hun, but here you go! :) When it comes to eyeliner, gel is definitely my favourite type to go for as I find it lasts longer, has a much better colour pay off plus is so easy to work with. I’m sure my regular readers are very familiar with my love for eye liner by now! :D 
Gel liner number one is a regular feature in many FOTD’s on this here blog, & tis the slightly pricier MAC Fluidline Blacktrack at £13.50 & the second is the more recent & a tad easier on the money’s Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Gel Liner which retails for the slightly nicer sounding £7.99.  May be good to also point out that both pots contain the same amount of product.
Well my lovelies, let’s just say that after being a loyal user of the MAC gel liner for yonks, it seems that my HG eye liner has some serious competition! I’ve been using the Maybelline for a while now & my thoughts are that it’s pretty darn awesome :) Swatched on the hand, they look practically identical, so much so that I had to remember which one was which! 
                                                            Left - Maybelline       Right - MAC

I decided to put it to the ultimate test & wear both the gel liners at the same time, using MAC on one lid & the Maybelline on the other & the result? Not a single person noticed the difference! Haha! Can you tell which one is which?
Incidentally picture 1 is Maybelline & picture 2 is MAC. Both gel liners applied nice & smoothly & if I were really nit picking for something to differ between the two I would say that the formula of the MAC liner is just a tiny bit more smoother. But having said that I actually like that the Maybelline gel is a teensy bit thicker in consistency as it makes it easier to work with, plus the Maybelline also has one thing that MAC doesn’t & that is the AMAZING brush that comes with the pot, which is absolutely brilliant, not only is it a compact size like the pot so you can chuck it in the makeup bag, but the actual bristles are soft & stiff making it so easy to create a nice smooth cat wing, I loves it! :D
The great thing also about these little gel pots is that they last yonks! I’ve had the MAC one for absolutely ages & have not even gone halfway through the pot. I’ll continue using it happily but am so glad to have found this awesome quality & not as expensive (yay!) alternative which you can be certain I will definitely be repurchasing again :) A fab quality product AND a great brush included? Yes please me says! ;) I’d also quite like to try the ELF liners too? Have heard really good things about them & have literally been drooling over the lovely colours available & drooling even more at the fab prices :D  

Have you tried any of these gel liners before? Which ones are your favourite? Would love to know dolls!
Thanks for reading!

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Lotsa love to ya, 



  1. Great review. I like how the Maybelline one looks a bit darker in the swatch & on the eye too.

    I've tried the elf cream liner in black & I love it!

  2. Hey hun, love the review. I currently have the Maybelline one. Love it, especially for the brush. It makes application so much easier, and I love how it glides on. Definitely a winner in my book. x

  3. @saimese - thank you hun :) The Maybelline one really is lovely! Oooh I'm itching to try the ELF ones, the purple one especially looks gorg! xoxo

    @safira - heya sweety! Aww thanks glad ya liked it :) Yay, its awesome right? & seriously impressed with the brush :D xoxo

  4. great review hun! will be picking this up while the 3 for 2 offer is on :D i know corrie from dizzybrunette loves the maybelline one as well, so cant wait to give it a try! ps. thank you for the mention so lovely of you!.. xx

  5. @daintymakeup - aww you're most welcome sweety, sorry it just took me so long! Oooh I forgot 3 for 2 was back! Haha, will def be popping by for a little hauling me thinks ;) xoxo

  6. I have one question. I know you would think of me as a stupid but still I want to satisfy myself :P. Is "Maybelline Eye studio lasting drama gel liner" AND "Maybelline Eye studio Gel liner" the same thing??
    I have purchased the former from boots and latter at superdrug store.
    Thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi here hun, thank you for your comment & no not silly at all! That's a very good question. I've only ever seen one gel eye liner in stores so I'm thinking that its exactly the same, perhaps they just changed the name by adding 'drama' at some point? Hope that helps hun! xoxo

    2. That was really fun to read! Love how you write ^_^ definitely love Maybelline for creating this liner! Will be checking it out :-)

    3. Aww how lovely of you, thank you so much hun I'm so happy you enjoyed it! :D Yup, deffo do check it out for it is a good un! xoxo


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