TOWIB "The Only Way Is Blogging" Part 2! :D

Ello ello there my lovely lovelies!!! How’s tricks?!! Please excuse the excessive use of exclamation marks, which will no doubt continue on into the post, so brace yourselves!! I mean you know how much I love my exclamation marks to begin with, but I’ve just got back from a jolly one on one with the dentist where a hefty dose of anaesthetic was involved….fun times! But on top of that, to counter this not so pleasant experience I decided to go for a massage afterward, so the combo of anaesthetic & aromatherapy essential oils has got this gal in a….let’s say… zippidydooda happy frame of mind!! ;)   

You may remember moi mentioning in my previous post about the TOWIB (The Only Way Is Blogging) event? I went to the first one back in the summer which was brill & was very much looking forward to attending the next one! So this weekend past saw myself making my merry way down (or is it up?? Not sure, need to check the map) to good ol’ London town for the second TOWIB event that was being held this time at The Babble Bar & was organised once again by the amazing Hayley of London Beauty Queen, who did an absolutely amazing job! :D
Was a tad nervous as I arrived all by my oneness & a little bit late too! Eeeek! But again I don’t know what I was so worried about, as everyone was so lovely! The event itself consisted of a fab afternoon of talks & workshops from other bloggers as well as a Q&A session at the end with Lily, Zoe, Kate & Hayley herself :)
There were some fabulous make up brands present whose products I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet so was very excited to see! First up there was FashionistA which will be available in Superdrug, who were doing makeover tutorials using their new products, unfortunately I missed this (the whole lateness thang ya know??) but went to have a closer look at the products which look gorguz! The gals from FashionistA were kind enough to let us leave with a blush or eye shadow palette of our own; I opted for the eye shadow. The fab thing about these palettes is that they are custom designed so you can chop & change the colours to whatever you’re in the mood for! And with 42 core eye shadows & 12 blushers in the range there’s plenty to choose from :)
The second makeup brand from the day was Vivo which is a new range for Tesco’s, who showed us three different looks that can be created with their products including a vampy Twilight look, a golden Christmas party look, as well as a bright lip. Vivo were also kind enough to send us away with a goody bag at the end with products to help create one of the three looks. As much as I loooooved the vamp look I decided to be a creature of habit & go for the gold! Will share with ya the products in another post dolls!

The best thing for me though about the whole TOWIB event has definitely got to be meeting all the fantastic bloggers, familiar & new! I met some truly lovely girlies at the event & have found some fab new blogs through it too! At the start I was a bit lost in the sea of bloggers from being a tad late & had a bit of an “Oh No Help!!!!” moment, but then I met & started chatting with the loveliest girl called Clo, with who I ended up spending the majority of the event with. She is such a sweetheart & so easy to talk too that my shyness just melted away. Oh & we also noticed that we were wearing the same earrings! Haha that must’ve been it, some great, other worldly powers of the universe were clearly at work & the matching earrings must have been drawn to one another like long lost twins! ;) I was also so happy to meet the lovely Steph again of whose blog I have been following for yonkers & love! We’d met before at the Aussie Xmas Market last year & have kept in touch via the wonderful world of twitter, so was lovely meeting her in person again. Another wonderful girly whose blog I adore & was so happy to meet was the gorguz Vivianna from ViviannaDoesMakeup who is even more stunning in person & such a gem! We had a lovely chat where I no doubt did her head in but she was so incredibly sweet! Other lovely bloggers I met were Jess & Charmaine & Pam who were…yup ya guessed it…super lovely & so much fun! Haha! There were so many amazing bloggers there whom I would’ve loved to have met but just didn’t get a chance too, plus there’s that annoying shyness of mine! *Le Sigh!* 
But hopefully will get to meet more fab bloggers plus the lovely ladies I met at the event again at the next TOWIB event. Yes, hopefully there will be a TOWIB 3 & from what I’ve heard there is one in the works! Woo! Here’s a few piccies for ya from the day :)
                                                             Me & the lovely Steph :)
                                                                         Clo and Moi :)
                                                     Creating the Twilight look
                                                           Look at those lashes! :D
                                                          Creating a Bold lip look on Steph :)
                                 Pam & Me :) & btw how pale do I look?!?!
                                                   Myself, Clo, & Charmaine
                                                   We aren't posers at all..... 
                                                      The beautiful Vivianna, such a lovely! :)
                                                 Vivianna, Moi & Steph :D
Another humungous thanks to Hayley for organising such a fantastic event for all us bloggers to get together & just talk blog! You are fabulous girl. Thanks so much for reading my lovelies!
Will you be coming to TOWIB part 3?

Lotsa love!


  1. wow these TOWIBs seem real fun,meeting with other bbloggers is too great for words! :)

  2. Brilliant event, cannot wait for the next one.
    The only way is blogging babe.

  3. Looks like you had so much fun! I have RSVP'd as attending to the next TOWIB event - I haven't been to a blogging event before...I can't wait! xx

  4. Ahh i love these pictures! Was such a lovely day! :) x

  5. reminds me of when we met :) xo

  6. Looks like you had an amazing time my lovely! Good to see some of my fave bloggers all together in one picture :D xoxoxox

  7. Hey! It was lovely to meet you! I am glad I finally found your blog!


  8. @Rakhshan – aww it really is hun! And they’re all so nice as well :) xoxo

    @Charmaine – absolutely girl! Haha ya know it! ;) xoxo

    @Sarah – Yes it was great hun! Oooh fantastic! Already looking forward to the next one! Xoxo

    @Clo – hello lovely lady :) Glad ya like the pics! Aww was fab huny, can’t wait to meet again soon! :D xoxo

    @danniekate – aww yes it does doesn’t it! Haha! You should come down to the next one hun, would be lovely to see your gorguz self again :) xoxo

    @Halima – awwww halimaaaaa! Had a really nice time thanks my sweet, would’ve loved even more if you had been there missy ;) xoxo

    @Elodie – hello hun! Aww was so nice to meet you too! Hope to meet you again soon :) Aw thank you so much doll! xoxo


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