The One Second Summer OTTD ;)

Ello ello poppets!
I’m currently gulping down what is most probably my 600000th cup of tea today…'Tis been the only way I’ve been able to keep warm! I guess we are officially in our Autumn/Winter stage then?? Unless Mother Nature is planning on throwing a coupla more hot summer days our way again to mix things up a bit!
After being encouraged by a coupla friend’s suggestion, I thought it might be nice to start doing some more OOTD posts on this ol’ blogaroony of moi’s? Just to mix things up a bit, in case any of you lovelies would be interested in seeing that?
I’m cheating a wee bit though as this wasn’t EXACTLY my outfit of today but what I wore when the sun graced us with its wondrous appearance last week? But "Outfit of Last Weekend Sometime" just didn’t quite have the same ring to it… ;) If I had worn this outfit today I would have quite likely turned into a human Popsicle!
I wore this dress to the spa day that me & the mumma went on last week which, by the way, was just beauuuutiful! We had such a wonderful time there, was really like a mini holiday, I’ll tell you beauts all about it in another post :)  Don’t know if you remember but this was one of the dresses I showed you in my clothes haul post a while back? I picked up this maxi dress from the Republic sale last year & is actually the 1st time I’ve worn it! Shame on me as I absolutely love it! It’s flows so nicely & is just all round so pretty & feminine plus uber comfortable to wear! As I’m a bit on the err teensy side, I did have to get the bottom tailored so that it just sweeps the floor & I wouldn’t risk the chance of falling arse over tit flat on my face...as fun as that would be... :-/
                                                  Maxi Dress - Republic, Crop Black Cardi - H&M

Republic really do have the most amaaaaaazing sales, I think I picked up this here maxi for no more than 10 squids & from what I can remember the sale was around about this time as they were getting rid of all their summer stock so will be keeping my eyes peeled on their website! To go with the dress I wore my NEXT wedges which were another bargain I grabbed in the Xmas sale last year, seriously comfy & I love the heel design on them :)
                                                                     Wedge Sandals - NEXT

To accessorize I just wore a coupla pearl & diamante wrap-around bangles on the wrist which were a gift from a friend, some white feather dangly earrings from Boots’s jewelery line (def worth checking as they have some gorguz stuff!) & my Forever21 ring that my fab pal Vonnie sent me (thanks babe!)
                                   Bracelets - Gift, Earrings - Boots, Ring - Forever21

And that’s all folks! Hope ya likey & cheers muchly for reading! Till next time :)

Muchos Love!


  1. Love the dress! It looks gorgeous. And love the jewellery, especially the pearl bangles. Good finds! x


  2. @Safira - thank you so much huny, so happy you like :) xoxo

  3. @Amina - thank you chica! xoxo

    @JazzyE - aww thanks hivenn :) xoxo

  4. I love the dress & accessories. x

  5. @PyariBeauty - thank you darling :) xoxo


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