Ombre! Ombre!

Arrrriba! Hola amigos! Como estas???.... Okay, I shall revert back to English now, sorry loves, just got caught up in the moment there. So how have you all been? Anything exciting planned for Halloween this year?? Shall be a quiet one down this end but I did attend Thorpe Parks Fright Night last week which was certainly a barrel of laughs & then some :D I’m telling ya dolls, there really is no other feeling quite like being chased by an insane person wielding a chainsaw….good times.
Yesterday I went along to the Excel Exhibition Centre for a lovely day at BINTM (Britain & Irelands Next Top Model) with the lovely Saf, who so kindly invited me to go with her! What a sweetheart, thanks so much hun, had such a fab time! But will probably do a separate post on that as it was quite a busy day & I won’t lie to ya...some things were bought ;)
Today though, I just HAD to share with you lovelies the recent adventures that my hair has been on recently. If you follow me on twitter (clickety click on the button on the side to find me on there) you’ll probably know that I have wanted to go down the “ombre” route with my hair for yonks! After seeing it in all the mags I just totally fell in love with it! But I’ve always been very cautious, especially after hearing many an “ombre gone wrong” horror stories! Plus I thought with my Asian colouring it may not suit moi? I knew for certain that I wouldn’t be able to do DIY ombre as I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would make a complete hash job of it! 
But whilst having the hairs trimmed recently, I had a bit of extra time on me hands so thought…what the hell...let’s do this! Had a bit of a heart attack moment when, after trying to explain to the hairdresser about ombre-ing, whose first language is not English, thought she hadn’t really understood a single word of what I meant!!! But then I popped out the Blackberry & bought up some images for her to have a looky & she finally got me :) I won’t say I was relieved just yet, still had the whole process to go through & to say I was absolutely bricking it is putting it lightly. But an hour or so later my time in the hot seat was up & the time had come to see the finished result! The verdict dolls?? I absolutely friggin loooove it! Here are a few piccies.... (snapped with blackberry! No camera…)

What do you think lovelies? We decided to go for a more caramel-y autumn toned gold rather than a full on light blond which I think suits my current hair shade a lot more? Who knows though, I might consider going lighter next time! Now I’ve jumped that hurdle & done it there’ll be no stopping this gal! Was so happy I MAY have actually hugged my hairdresser….hope I didn’t freak the poor woman out, but I’ve taken her details so that she can do my hair for me next time too as I was very happy with finished result. I also loved that she actually listened to me when I said that I just wanted the teensiest amount possible trimmed of at the ends, in the past when I’ve said this, the hairdresser proceeds to hack half of it off! Most traumatising.
In a recent trip to London town I visited my lovely friend Amina for a good ol’ catch up session & whose head I’ve done in countless times about having her do my make up for me as she is one supremely talented lady. So she did! Using a variety of products including NARS & Shu Uemura she did a lovely brown smoky eyed look that went with my new ombred hairs perfectly! Haha! Thank you muchly my darling!

Thanks for reading my lovelies. Have you ever gone “Ombre”?? If so what did you think??

Lotsa love & hugs!


  1. Looks gorgeous hun! Really suits you ;)
    And had so much fun with you yesterday, we must do it again sometime! xx

  2. This looks sooo good on you xxx

  3. Your hair looks beautiful sweetie!! :) x

  4. I really like this, an actually this is the first time I have heard of it! Really suits you

  5. @Safira - thank you lovely! Awww was such a fab day, must defo do again soon :) xoxo

    @roshas - hello sweety! Aww thank you! Hope you're well xoxo

    @Clo - thanks honeybun! :) xoxo

    @discoveringbeauty - thanks hun! xoxo

  6. Thanks for visiting me! I also fantasize about ombré hair but have yet to make it a reality. Looks great on u.



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