Lucky Number "17"

Hey there honeybees! Judging by the “whizz!” “bang!” & “woooosh!” sounds coming from outside I’m guessing Happy Diwali wishes are in order for all those celebrating! Hope you’re all having a fab one! Not from Madame Kitty though I’m afraid…she is filled with a lot of errr tenseness right now…I’m a tad afraid….& poor thing has absolutely no clue that it’s going to be bonfire night soon as well :-/
But ooh what’s this?! Blogging two days in a row? Wooo! Must be new record for me ;) haha! Seriously though, I really do hope to be able to blog more often as I do enjoy it so much & I have tons I want to share with you beauties! If only work would allow me to do so!  *sigh!*
Apologies for the title of the post, was just recently watching the film Lucky Number Sleven & I guess it kinda stuck & felt it went well with the post :) I wanted to share with you some lovely products I’ve recently accumulated from one of my current fav brands at the moment, 17 Cosmetics, which is available in Boots. I’ll be honest & say that this was a counter I normally always walked straight past, instead making a beeline for the more well-known high street brands, but after seeing the delightful looking Mirror Shine lippies pop up here, there & everywhere on the blogosphere I was itching to give them a try! And whilst getting hold of a couple o’ those, I managed to get a few other delightful bits & bobs too!
Firstly the Mirror Shine lippies, I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now! I knew I had to give these lipsticks a try (yes, even this most known non-lippie wearer!!) after hearing about their lovely moisturising, non-sticky formula. And they didn’t disappoint! As you probably know by now, I suffer from very dry lips, but with these lovely glossy lipsticks, I found I didn’t actually need to apply a layer of Carmex beforehand as I normally do on those rarest of occasions I actually wear lipstick. They glide on beautifully & give a really nice, fuller look to the lip with a hint of colour. I went for the two nude tones in the range (surprise, surprise!) Bee Hive & Nudist Peach.
Bee Hive as you can see is a pinkish toned nude that looks really pretty on whilst Nudist Peach is more beige-ey toned? Totally love them both & have been wearing them on a regular basis as they go with pretty much everything. These little beauts retail for only £4.59 but keep an eye out online because when I got these they were half price!  & I don’t know if this is a regular thing with 17, if it is then I am loving them even more, but when you buy two of their products you get a free gift too!  At the time I bought these the free gift was this lovely nude palette which was limited addition so uncertain if it’s still available. But after a bit o’ research I’ve found that the eye shadows & lippie in the palette are from 17’s permanent collection! But I really love 17’s eye shadows; remember the vintage palettes a while back? So creamy & pigmented & lovely shades!
Wasn’t long before another hauling sesh occurred with 17, but this time I was on a mission, knowing exactly what I wanted…tis the amazing looking & long time lemming after by moi magnetic polishes! Eeeee! 
I have been waiting in anticipation for these babies to come out & cannot wait to give them a whirl! I picked the Grey & Blue shades, but the Green & Purple look gorguz also & if my Boots had had those colours as well I would’ve no doubt have grabbed them too! ;) And now is the perfick time to grab em dolls as Boots currently have them at an introductory price of £4.99 (original retail £5.99) & not just that, but again if you buy two 17 products you get a free gift! What’s not to love?
The free gift in question is the Femme Noir set which includes a pretty silvery eye shadow in Night Sky, a liquid black liner & a yummy looking Ultimate Volume lip gloss in Very Berry :)
Loving the look of all three products! I'm thinking the eye shadow would be great for a shimmery smokey eye look, whilst the gloss looks beautifully pigmented & lush. & you know my strong love for all things eye liner! The 17 one is actually quite nice, with a lovely thin brush, perfick for creating a nice flick.
Lastly I also picked up the top coat touch dry polish from the No 7 range as after making my 17 purchases I also got a lovely £5 off voucher too! Yup they're back lovelies! I’d heard from a lot of people that it’s a pretty damn awesome top coat & I’ve kind of made it my mission in life to find the perfect one. Could this be it....?
Will keep you lovelies posted & of course get to work on some NOTD’S with my new magnetic polishes! Thanks as always for reading my sweets, till next time!

Have you tried anything from the 17 cosmetics range? If so, what’s been your favourite?

Lotsa smooches!


  1. You bought some lovely bits sweetie!! A really great post ! <3

  2. Some really gorgeous purchases! I have to admit i kinda overlook 17, dont really know why. Definatly gonna try the lipsticks though!
    Fab post

  3. I have beehive too and peace and I love them both. I have dry lips too and theya re perfect! The silvery eye shadow is goooorgeous! xx

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  4. @Clo - thank you my lovely! xoxo

    @Aspirationsofglam - thank you hun! Yes, I know I totally did the same! But they are fast becoming favorites :D Do try them , they're gorguz! xoxo

    @theothersideofcool - hey Rhi! Beehive is gorguz right?! And so nice for our dry lips :) Looking forward to doing a smoky eye with the sparkly silver shadow! xoxo

  5. You know I have to admit I'm not really feeling it with the magnetic nail polish maybe you can convince me otherwise! xoxo

  6. @skinscrubs - haha! of course I shall do my best lovely! You is gonna looooove em! ;) xoxo


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