A Lovely Birthday Package from Chelle! :D

Hey there lovely readers! Hope you’ve all had a great day enjoying what they’ve said has been the hottest October on record here in the UK! Well Mr Sun…tis’ nice to see ya, better late than never I guess! Although would’ve appreciated an appearance when I’d had all my summer clothes at hand thanks muchly, not shoved to the back of the wardrobe for next year! ;)
As well as the weather lifting the spirits, I was so overjoyed to receive the loveliest little surprise that truly made my day recently! After dragging my tired aching body through the door (almost on hands & knees but didn’t wanna make a spectacle or over dramatize the situation…) after what was quite possibly one of THE worst days at work (so a pretty normal day then…) imagine my delight at finding a lovely little package waiting for moi on the bed. Luckily I managed to spot it before I nosedived on top of it. It was none other than a surprise birthday pressie from my darling friend & fellow nail polish addict ‘Chelle who just so happens to be one of my fav bloggers too! Thank you so so much my sweet!! Gotta say, the greatest thing about this blogging business has definitely been the wonderful friendships I’ve made with fellow blogging beauty’s! :D
Thanks to Chelle I now have three stunning new Aussie polishes to add to my collection! And I love them all, especially as they are all totally different to anything I own & not available over here. As well as the gorguz polishes & birthday card, lovely ‘Chelle also included a yummy choccie as that is another thing we have in common! LOL! Needless to say the combo of cherries & choc was too much & the bar sadly didn’t survive very long…RIP. On to the polishes…:D
How friggin awesome is the packaging on this baby??? Check out the pretty jewels on the brush lid! Ya know me; I do love me a bit o’ bling & this polish surely delivers! This is my first Glitter Gal polish & tis a gorguz dark pink/red holo, cannot wait to see how this transcends onto the nail, it looks beautiful!
Next up is a ‘Molten Metallics’ nail enamel in ‘Titanium’ from Face of Australia. I actually remember drooooling over this gorguz foil-like polish on Chelles blog! LOL! Surprisingly after having a quick sift through, I noticed that I don’t actually have any silver polishes in my collection! Very odd for moi…but hey no longer! Titanium looks utterly fab, almost like liquid silver. Deffo looking forward to using this in a mani soon!
Lastly is this absolutely amazing looking glitter polish from BYS in ‘Adventures of Alice’ from the Wonderland collection, look at all the sparkles!! It reminds me of mermaids :) An immense spectrum of coloured glitters, primary colour by first looks being aqua blue/green, in a clear base I cannot wait to try this beauty out! Think it will look amazing layered over a deep green or even black polish. Will deffo get to experimenting! :D

Aaaaaaah I am in love with my new polishes! Thank you again my wonderful matey, you are far too generous Chelle! Big love to ya hun!
Looks like I’d better get on to doing some NOTD’s with these babies! Thanks for reading angels!

Lotsa love, 


  1. We sell BYS in my work, but I've never bothered to try anything out before! It looks really nice :) x

  2. @Emma - oh really?! Lucky you, I've been wanting to try their polishes out for yonks & glitter does make me happy! Lol! :D xoxo

  3. OMG! Those polishes look AMAZE. Very festive looking, I want to see NOTDs woman! xo

  4. @Halima - they're puuuuurdy right?!? Was so sweet of her! Haha of course my dear, they're coming, they're coming! :D xoxo

  5. I'm so glad you loved the polishes and choccie my lovely!!! I will be sending you more in our swap package ^_^

    I totally agree with you - if not for blogging I would never have "met" your lovely self! Love that I could bring a little cheer to your day. I hope work isn't so crappy at the moment <3

  6. @Chelle - awww you truly did bring ALOT of cheer to my day you fabulous lady you! ;) Aaaaah what can I say about work, same old my love, just plodding along! lol! Eeeee look forward to speaking to ya soon gorguz! mwah! xoxo


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