Le Chocolat NOTD! :D

Greetings sweetpeas! You all good?

So did you lovelies know that it was National Chocolate Week last week? Or was it the week before last now? Hmm, either way it doesn’t matter because all I know is that I did NOT have the pleasure of receiving that particular little memo. I only realised that this blessed event was occurring halfway through the week & my only thought was “What?!?! That’s half a week’s worth of excessive chocolate consumption time already lost!!!” I had some serious catching up to do. So cue mad dash to my local newsagent to get the suitable ‘family size bag’ supplies of treats. Yup, I had no shame at all over my overflowing basket & proudly lifted my goody's, happy grin & all, onto poor Uncle U’s till (he’s not really my Uncle) I think he did have a bit of a shocker though at seeing all that confectionery goodness bless him, but I just looked at him saying “It’s okay uncle….its National Chocolate Week???” his reply, with a bit of slow nodding thrown in….”Ooooh is it really bayti???” the whole time his eyes blatantly saying “Yeah, alright luv, whatever ya say!” :-/ Hmm poor guy, I guess he must be used to crazy/stressed looking woman making mad dashes in to his shop for a sweet fix when it’s THAT time of the month...actually wait a minute…slight possibility that could’ve have been moi also…. :-/
Anyhoo! Moving on, to get in to the whole chocolate week thang I also decided to go for a suitably delectable chocolate shade for the nails. Why not! So ‘twas the perfect chance to give a newbie that recently came about my person a whirl. The polish in question is the gorguz Resist & Shine Titanium from Loreal in Black Ruby. I think this is the name of it because, actually dolls, it doesn’t have its name written anywhere on the bottle which is a bit of a nuisance! But after a bit o’ browsing online, I’ve found that Black Ruby or Black Red (no. 734 if ya wanna get specific) is what this beautiful polish is called! And beautiful it really is, in fact I’m loving it so much that I think this baby can have pride of place as my No,1 favourite polish! Although I am sure that this will no doubt change by sometime next week... 'tis true, the status of Aysh’s favourite polish of the moment changes as often as Cher changes her wigs but it’s only because there are just far too many puuuurdy polishes out there to try non? ;)  Righty ho, time for some piccies?!!
What did I tell ya? Isn’t it lovely? This is the first ever polish I’ve bought from Loreal & will def not be the last. Please excuse the totally crummy application, I clearly got sloppy in the over excitement & sugar rush. Was just drawn to the spectrum of lovely colours within this polish of which there seem to be a fair few! I tried capturing the shimmering tone of gold, red, bronze & brown that all seem to be present & was really anxious to see how it would transcend on the nail! Can safely say it did not disappoint :)
I just love the beautiful rich dark chocolate colour! It wasn’t what I was expecting mind you, but I absolutely love! And you can see some elements of deep red shimmer running through it also, just gorguz! I do love me a dark nail; this can make a fab alternative to full on black if that look is a bit too much on the goth side :) Application was so smooth with a good quality brush & managed to get opacity in 2 coats. Drying time was fab also with such a lovely finish, so shiny & glossy & full of colour! I actually liked it so much I decided to put it on the tootsies too! ;) 
And it definitely is one of the more hard wearing polishes I’ve come across. It promises 7, but I managed to get 5 days complete chip free wear which is outstanding for me because, as I’ve mentioned before, my hands are put through a lot of work! Mightily impressed! :D
These lovely polishes are available from Boots priced at a fab £6.19, which is not bad at all in my opinion! Am definitely thinking of getting some more of these beauties, especially from the “ Glossy Blacks” range, they all look fabulous! :D

Have you tried any of the polish's from this or any other range by Loreal? Do ya like? Thanks for reading my darlings!

Lotsa sweet sweet choc filled loveness!



  1. Chocolate week sounds like a great idea! I love that polish on you, thank you for taking lots of different angles of the bottle and your nails it really helped me see what the shade was really like, appreciate it:) Can never get 5 days out of my polish, my nails are crazy weak:(

  2. I love chocolate week, I celebrated this year and last with a collection of fab chocolate beauty products on my blog, where were you lol!

    This is indeed a gorgeous polish, will defintely be checking L'Oreal out!

    Thanks for this

  3. @emmabovary - hello huny ) aww thank you so much! You're most welcome lovely, I'm so glad you found the pics helpful! Tis a really lovely shade isn't it & 5 days wear is pretty ace! xoxo

    @Bettina@beautyswot - whoever decided on chocolate week deserves a medal! Haha! Aww really?! Chocolate beauty products sound yummy! Hope you manage get your hands on this pretty polish too! xoxo


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