Twinkle Tips NOTD :)

Ello ello my lovelies, how are we? Did you all have a good weekend? Did you too also feel the strong urge to weep to have had to return back to work today??? Yah, me too ;) Ah well, the next weekend is only…*counts on fingers*…(its been a loooong day)  four days away, which will fly by I’m sure (pray & hope)
So I think it’s probably obvious from the fact that I’ve written up this post that I managed to survive my adventures from the weekend! Well let’s just say I’m thankfully not typing this from a hospital bed… As ya know if you follow me on here & on twitter, this weekend saw moi & my bestie enjoy the wonderful experience of being thrown down a hill in an inflatable ball…booootiful. Haha it really was amazing, such an adrenaline rush!! And thankfully no bones were broken, limbs torn off, heads concussed, or any of the crisis situations I’d conjured up inside my head beforehand! Its defo given me a taste for more that’s for sure…next stop…bungee jumping!!! Bwaha! So would ya like to see an 'AFTER' pic of the experience? What's that? Ya would?? Oh go on then.... :)
                                                    Graceful is my middle name...... :-/

Righty ho dolls, on to the post! Today I’ve got a gorguz red polish to share with you gals which goes by the name ‘Blazing Red’ :) Tis another old find (as ya can see from the state of the bottle!) I stumbled across whilst finally sorting out my nail polish collection (this took err quite a while…)  
It’s by Collection 2000 & is from their MAXIFLEX range which to be honest I’m not entirely certain they do anymore? Collection 2000 is a brand available from Boots stores as well as online & I’ve actually seen quite a lot of these MAXIFLEX polishes on Ebay? And as I’m seriously liking this polish A LOT, I may just have to check them out as the prices are most appealing too!
Blazing Red is a beautiful polish, a really gorguz smooth & vibrant red, with subtle shimmers running through it that give the polish an almost satin-y, foil like finish on the nails which was unfortunately really hard to capture with the camera!
Application was a dream in two coats & it dried in quick time, so am seriously impressed! Not to mention it seemed to live up to its longevity promise of 5 days, there was slight chipping at the tips, but then again, my hands are put through the wars at work so this made no never mind to me, especially because I change my polish quite regularly anyway! I think I may pop down to Boots to see if these baby’s are still available & if not then there’s always our good old friend Ebay! Haha!  
I wanted to jazz up the mani a tad, so decided to do introduce a bit o’ glitter glam using one of my fav polishes that is the gorguz China Glaze Ruby Pumps & create some sparkly twinkly pointed tips using some French manicure guide strips? I’d seen a few blog posts on using these at different angles to create different shapes at the tips of your nails so decided to give it a go! Unfortunately this is deffo a case of a bit of a mani FAIL!! Not one of those people known for their patience, I don’t think I left the strips on long enough before dragging them off, therefore creating quite a few wonky tips! *blushes* but hell, I went with it anyways as I just loved the sparkle too much! (not to mention too darn lazy to start over!!) :D

Hmm, have gotten a few tips though from other lovely bloggers which have been really helpful. Firstly….patience!!!! LOL! Plus I’ve also been told that using masking tape would be better; especially sticking it to a surface for a while before using so it’s not as sticky, therefore less chance of it pulling the polish? Will defo experiment, I won’t give up yet! :D

Hope ya liked the NOTD me beauts! Do you have a favourite red polish? Do let me know!  

Lotsa sparkly red smooches!


  1. Very pretty polish! I love the glittery tips :)

  2. @TheNailBuff - its gorguz hun & the quality is amazing! You should def look in to hunting some, know I am! Lol! Aww thanks sweety, kinda messed it up though...need more patience! lol! :) xoxo

  3. I love your nail posts, you really do have lovely nails :)

    And can't believe you went zorbing! I SO want to do it! xo

  4. @Halima - aww thank you Halima my sweet! Haha yes, was definitely an experience that's for sure!! LOL! You should totally do it! :D xoxo


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