Smooth Caramel with a touch o' Bling NOTD

Evening dolls!
You can’t go wrong with a lovely nude nail really can you? There’s just that something special about these sorts of tones, other than the fact that I think they look absolutely gorguz on any skin tone, you also don’t have to worry if your nails match your outfit as nude polish goes with pretty much everything! Huzzah! I guess I also feel a tad more sophisticated & ‘grown up’ shall we say when working a nude tone on the nails ;) Haha!
I have a few nudes in my life (behave!) & the polish I have to show you today is brought to you with a little help from Nails Inc….& Diet Coke too I guess as I picked up this little number when the fab collaboration was going on a while back. You remember the one I mean? Where all you had to do was purchase two bottles of Diet Coke & a full sized bottle of Nails Inc was all yours to take away & cherish??? Ooooh I did love that….& err I totally did NOT buy all four polishes….*tumbleweed* :-/
Nails Inc Caramel is a lovely, rather thick crème based polish, it actually took me a while to get used to its consistency as it was a lot thicker than other polishes I’ve used, but maybe it was just the formula of my one…dunno. Still it applied fine & you could probably achieve opacity in just one coat but I still went for my regular two :) Totally love the colour of it, verging more towards the beige-y, condensed milk-y end of the nude spectrum. ;)
As lovely as it is all by its onesie, I wanted to jazz it up a tad….enter the good old diamanté stones & nail stickers! Can always rely on these to liven up an ordinary mani in a super easy way with minimal effort & fab results :) I picked up the diamanté stones from Claire’s accessories, these are actually ones that you apply on to your body but they work fab as nail art! All I did was place one on the corner tip of the nail, then stuck on a nail sticker design on to the bottom opposite corner. Finish off with a coat or two of topcoat & el finito!
Hope you like my dears! Even though this Nails Inc shade was part of a one off collection, you may still be able to nab it on eBay as I’ve seen a few on there! Are you a fan of nude nails? If so what’s your favorite?
As always thanks for reading angels!

Lotsa love & snuggles!


  1. I love nudes, totally get what you mean about feeling a bit more grown up and they really do go with everything :) xx

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  2. Nude nails are my favourite (after purple :)). I love the diamante and pattern you added to make them more fun!

  3. @Rhi - heya lovely! Aww totally! Love the fact that I don't have to worry about them clashing with an outfit! lol! xoxo

    @Sherin - aww thanks so much hun! And its really easy too :) Oooh love purple nails too :) xoxo

  4. You really do have the most loveliest nails my lovely! :) The nude polish suits you girly! :) xo

  5. @Halima - HALIMAAAAA! Aww thanks my angel :D How are ya? Miss you lots girly, looking forward to seeing ya soon hopefully! :D xoxo

  6. Ahhh, Aysh. I friggin miss you woman! I'm all good, same ol' with me! I want to come down to London some time this year before crimbo. xo

  7. @Halima - aww huuugs! Glad to hear ya good my darling :) Oooh great, we need to get planning missy! Will tweet ya! :D Mwah! xoxo


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