Pink, Black & Silver Crackle Mash up NOTD

Evening sweetys!
Hope everyone’s weekend has fared well! Mine? Plenty of chillaxing as usual, plus spending some quality time with the fam :)
I have to tell ya that I’m cheating a little with this post! I actually did this NOTD as a guest post for the lovely Jude from Love Lust & Fairy Dust whilst she was on her hols not too long ago & thought I would just stick it on here as well to share with you beauties too ;) So here ya go dolls, some Pink, Black & Silver Crackle Mash up nails.

One thing I absolutely love & ever since they came out actually (as you may already know about me by now!) are the fab crackle polishes.  I’m sure you’ve all seen them, Barry M was the one who started it I think & slowly others caught on, followed suit & now they’re available pretty much everywhere!  Barry M still remains a firm favourite of mine though, especially the nail paints!  My aim in life is to eventually own them all, not only are there some truly gorgeous shades but they’re good quality and great value for money too!
The crackle polishes are really a great, quick and easy way to jazz up your nails.  In this NOTD I used a simple bubblegum pink nail polish as the base colour, which I’ve mentioned to you all before, ‘twas the one I picked up from my Lebanese hairdresser’s & cost me a fantabulous 50p!! Haha! But go for any colour you like!  Metallic shades especially look STUNNING underneath black crackle.

I first applied two coats of the pink over a clear base-coat.  Any one will do, at the moment I’m using the Models Own 3in1 base & topcoat in one which I bought in a recent haul as my Barry M one just doesn’t seem to be cutting it at the mo. Unfortunately though I don’t seem to be getting on too well with this one either, the consistency is very runny & I find the smell extremely overpowering! I caught my kitty taking a cheeky whiff of this whilst my back was turned & her face was a picture! (No kitty’s were harmed in the making of this NOTD...) I’ve also been experiencing some staining on the nails whilst using this as a base, which isn’t good. Aaah well, will keep on using anyhoos until its used up as I hate wasting (*cough! cheapskate!*) Moving on, I opted for two different crackle polishes for this NOTD, one is my fav Barry M in Black and the other was Models Own in Silver.  I’ll be honest & say that I was also a tad disappointed with the Models Own crackle, I found the consistency very gloopy & there wasn’t enough crackling action going on!  The Barry M one definitely crackles better.

Next I applied the black crackle on my thumb, middle and little finger over the entire nail, then grabbing the Models Own Silver, just applied it across half the nail in one sweep on the remaining two nails.  The crackle dries really quickly so you need to be a bit of a fast mover!  It also dries matte so to finish off I just applied clear topcoat for a nice glossy look.
And that’s it my lovelies! Funky, crackly nails in an instant! Hope you like! Thanks for reading darlings!

Lotsa cracklin' love & hugs!


  1. Hello Aysh, I'm glad you have re-posted this on your own blog because now I get the chance to comment. Your nails look absolutely gorgeous, I especially love the silver crackle. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Love this :)

    Very eye-catching! xx

  3. @Roshni - thank you my daaaaaaarlin! :D xoxo

    @rock-or-not - aww thanks hun, so glad you like it! :) xoxo

    @Jude - hello you! Awww thanks so much huny & thanks again for even letting me on your blog! Bwhaha! Ya know, I didn't like the silver crackle AT ALL to start off with, but its kinda growing on me! xoxo

    @Sarah - thanks for commenting lovely, so happy ya liking it! :D xoxo


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