Ice Ice Baby - NOTD & Catch Up! :)

Greetings lovelies! How’s things?! 
Aaaaah it does feel good to be blogging, I seriously have tons to write about & share with you all but time just doesn’t seem to be getting on with me right now. Also, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that the past week has been kinda packed ya might say, what with my big bro finally tying the knot! EEEEEE! :D The ceremony was really lovely & I’m not gonna lie to you…some tears were shed on my part ;) (tears of happiness let me clarify!! Lol!!) Just seeing him up there saying his vows I guess it just hit me that he’s now a married man & so officially an adult in my book! Bwahaha! The happy couple have headed to Hong Kong for their honeymoon for 10 days, they’ve asked me if there’s anything I want them to bring back from there but haven’t a clue! Any ideas dolls??
Also last week saw yours truly celebrating becoming another year older :D I had a great weekend with both friends & family & received some gorguz gifts which I’m so excited about sharing with you! But all that in another post ;) Me & my matey headed into London town for some adventures also, involving our regular pit stop at Harrods. The both of us could seriously spend the entire day there! Lol! After we’d finished drooling over the displays in the food halls & lusting after the gorguz jewelery we headed off to have a bit of a posh nosh tea (because we are laaaaaadies) at Laduree’s after the lovely Claire told me all about this pretty little Parisian tea room. Before we left we also made a routine pit stop at the ice cream parlour for a sundae, then just so happened to walk past the Chanel counter on our way out, where a certain little polish was SCREAMING out my name….yup Chanel Peridot is FINALLY miiiiiiine!!!! Mwhahaha! *big Cheshire cat grin*
Before heading home we paid a visit to the Ice Bar on Regent Street. If you’ve never been I seriously recommend ya go! As the name suggests it’s a bar made entirely out of ice, even the glasses are made out of ice! What a hoot! :D   Here are a coupla pics from the day to share with ya! :)
                                                         New Addiction that is Vanilla Tea & Pastries
                                                           Green Apple Flavour Macaroons......NOM! :D
                                                               Food Glorious Food....
                                                        Not gonna lie.....I do like a pout pose.... ;)
                                                                          Ice Ice Baby :)
                                      Don't think I can quite carry off the Eskimo look... :/

Hope ya liked the pics! So, continuing with the ice theme I thought I would show you gorguz lot today a somewhat simple yet nevertheless lovely nail polish from the No7 range named Coconut Ice. I picked this up with one of those golden tickets that are the fab Boots £5 off vouchers, don’t ya just love em?? Anyhoo this one in particular grabbed moi as I don’t really have anything like it in my collection, it’s a beautiful pearly white glossy polish with touches of pink & shimmer running through it, kind of reminding me of a seashell! It’s one of their Speed Dry polishes which does what it says on the bottle, after applying base coat it took two coats to achieve opacity & didn’t take too long to dry at all but you’ll have to excuse the little dent on the middle finger as I accidentally knocked it with the other hand & was just too lazy to rectify!! *blush* 
Overall I think it’s a might puuuuurdy polish & as always with No 7 polishes, I found the quality really good. This shade reminds me very much of weddings actually! Hence why I decided to wear this nail polish for my brothers registration :) But I think this would be a lovely colour for a bridal mani too! I kept it simple though & wore it as it is, but I think it could also be beautifully jazzed up with some nail art stones & stickers. May try that out next time! No 7 polishes are available from Boots & retail for £7.00 but of course with the voucher I only had to pay 2 squids for this beauty! Happy days! :D
What are you currently wearing on your nails at the mo?? Thanks for reading me bella chicas! Till next time!

Lotsa cool ice love!


  1. Yay for your brother! I love the look of that tea and pastries, yummmmmm

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  2. @Vonnie - awww thanks so much my bonnie vonnie! Well then missy you will have to come & visit moi so I can take you for lotsa tea & pastries!! :D xoxo

  3. The pics look awesome I'm so glad u had a good time! xx

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  4. @Theothersideofcool - thank you so much Rhi! Hope you're well sweety :D xoxo

  5. Sounds like you have been a busy bee! Great photos hun! I love your henna on yourwrist xx

  6. @Sherrie - heya hun! Haha you could say that! ;) Aww thanks so much lovely, so glad ya like, the henna was defo a big hit! :D xoxo


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