The Colour Purple

Hello there me lovely readers!
How’s everyone doing? ? Finally went out last night with the matey to watch the new Planet of the Apes movie at the cinema (mucho healthy dinner of nachos & 7up included) after everyone had been raving to me about it! So glad I did as it was bloomin fantastic, such amazing CGI & special effects, deffo do recommend you dolls go watch it! I looove the baby monkeyyyy!! Sooooo cute! *Ahem!* Like I said…do go see… ;)
I don’t think I’ll get a chance to blog this weekend, hence this most unusual (for me!) midweek post as I’ve got a bit going on. It’s this old gals (certainly feels like it anyhoo…) birthday this weekend & not just that but it’s also my big bro’s registry this Friday! :D So deffo looking forward to all that :) My new sis-in-law & I actually also have the same birthday too! Lol! Small world! :) 
Got a few bits & bobs planned in terms of celebrating another year past, will be popping in to good old London town for a day of adventures with the matey this Sunday, nothing exact planned yet but we always have a ball when we’re there :) Also, have a pamper spa day booked for me & the mumma bear to enjoy towards the end of the month, really cannot wait for that! The mumma hasn’t been too well lately so I think it’ll be just what she needs!
Also, those who know me well know that I am what you might call a thrill seeker at times…god knows I never used to be!! It all changed during a rather traumatic trip to an insane theme park in Canada where I was dragged kicking & screaming on every single ride! It’s true what they say though, facing your fear really does kill it! So now I go on them all & my next plan is….to go bungee jumping! But maybe it’s a good idea to take baby steps first, so that’s why me & my bestie or gonna be doing a spot o’ Zorbiting! For those who don’t know what that is….in a nutshell…it’s basically being pushed down a hill in a huge inflatable ball! Strapped in of course ;) Bwaha! I’m sure it’ll be an experience anyhoo ;)
                                                          Source - Google Images

So yes, should be an adventurous/eventful birthday to say the least this year ;) Also, have plans with the work girls this week for dinner & a Bollywood movie which’ll be fun but there’s a little glitch….the theme of the night is gonna be…RED LIPS. Which just happens to be my ONE makeup fear….lovely o_0 Will I be brave enough?? We shall see ;)
Onto this evening’s post dolls, I wanted to share with you an OOTD & FOTD, the theme for this one being the colour purple :) My friend recently got the opportunity to have a pamper makeover session done with the makeup brand Mary Kay allowing her to have a friend join her & guess who she chose? *big grin* Before now I’d not been familiar at all with Mary Kay products. Most probably because I’ve not seen Mary Kay in any department stores, as far as I know it’s only available to buy online? So was defo interested in having a look see :)
We first had a kinda mini facial where the MUA used some cleansers & masks from their range. As facials go it ‘twas nice for sure, the skin defo felt lovely, soft & pampered after, but the thing that stood out for me most was the hand treatment. We both had our hands pampered with the Mary Kay Satin Hands products which consisted of some kind of scrub & softener that, the moment washed off, left our hands feeling so smooth & baby soft! 
After our facials the MUA then got to applying some makeup from the MK range, it’s always nice when someone does your makeup for ya isn’t it? :) As I was wearing my purple dress, which I’d picked up from H&M whilst on holiday in Canada, we decided to go for a purple-y smoky eyed look, which I was at first dreading because no matter how many times I try a purple smokey eye, I just end up looking like I’ve been punched in the face… but I actually loved it! 

Getting the face done lol!

Dress - H&M, Shrug - Warehouse. Necklace - Accessorize, Earrings - H&M
Le Finished Look! :)

She did the smokey eye in a way I totally love, which was incorporating a nude, shimmer shade on the lid & just smoking out the crease. With regards to the products used, the foundation felt lovely & light & didn’t need that heavy an application to get good coverage & the eye shadows/blushes were lovely & smooth with nice pigmentation. Overall though I really liked the finished look :)
After our session I later on had a bit of a browse around the Mary Kay website to see more of the range. The foundations range from around £16 & the eye shadows & blush from around £6-£9. Really loving the look of the blushers actually as well as the hand pampering kit from the skincare range but to be honest nothing else really blew me away. On my search I actually came across this makeup look of the lovely Alicia Keys that she wore to the Oscars in 2009? Her look was created using Mary Kay products & I looooove it! So simple, yet extremely stunning, what do you think? 
                                                                                Source - Google Images

Love, love, love!! May give it a go at re-creating sometime actually! 
Thanks so much for reading cupcakes! Have you ever tried Mary Kay products before? If so what's your fav product? Let me know your thoughts dolls :) Ciao for now!!

Lotsa love & smooches,


  1. you have the longest eyelashes i've ever seen

  2. @Vonnie - lol really?! Aww thanks darling :) xoxo

  3. SOunds like you have a lot to look forward to, Zorbiting sounds amazing!

    Lucky you getting your makeup done, I love having mine done, and the finished look is beautiful xx

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  4. @Rhi - thanks hun! Haha yeah, defo looking forward to the Zorbiting! Hopefully I shall live to tell ya all about it! :p Aww I know, its really nice to sit back & have someone pamper you! Thanks sweety :) xoxo


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