A Barry M Affair with Natural Dazzle - FOTD :)

Hey there my sugar lumps! You all well?
I noticed whilst sifting through all my pics on the laptop the other day that I have a huge backlog of FOTD’s that I had done with the intent of posting on this little blog of mine but klutzy thing I am just totally forgot about them! Must be the old age catching up with moi, seriously ask anyone who knows me, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going these days!! Ask me what I did last week??? Yeeeah…..couldn’t tell ya :-/
‘Tis a very simple FOTD I’ve got to share with ya lovelies today or should I say FOTN as this is a look I opted for on a random night out with the girlies involving a cocktail or two ;) It was achieved using very few products, the key one being one of my fav makeup items which is Barry M’s Natural Dazzle Bronzer

Now, stating the obvious here, but I LOVE makeup ;) In case ya hadn’t noticed…Lol! But there are those occasions when you’re rushed for time & want to create something quick & easy yet suitable for a night out, which is where this lovely bronzer comes in as it’s pretty much a multi-functional product, & boy I do love those kinds! It really is such a gorguz product that creates a wonderfully, healthy glow to your face & here I’ve used it not only as a contour, but a light dusting on the cheeks & temples, along the jawline, on my lids & blended in to the crease too! Like I said…many usages for this lovely gem alone :) Anyhoo’s would this be a good time for some pics?? 

 After foundation & concealer had been applied, in this case MAC Studio Tech NC37 & Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (review coming soon!) I started with using the bronzer to contour the cheeks with a large angled brush, next grabbing a blush brush lightly dusted it on to the apples of the cheeks & temple as well as along the jawline, a little tip I’d learned as this really does define your jaw! Then with a simple eye shadow brush, I just applied the Barry M Natural Dazzle over the whole lid, and then blended it into the crease & outer V. Just some final touches of MAC Fluidline Blacktrack gel eyeliner on the upper lash line & water line & a few coats of mascara & that was it! As strange as it sounds, I actually find that the bronzer has different effects when applied to different areas…lighter, more shimmery in some parts, more matt in others! :D
I was wearing my red & black H&M dress that I picked up in the Xmas sales last year (forgot to take pic of me in it…doh!) so just applied a touch of Benefit’s Benetint to give the lips a hint of rouge colour…you know I’m not too big on lippies! ;)
And that’s it dolls! Hope you liked this FOTD & found it helpful in showing ya that you CAN create a look for a night out using just one simple (or very limited at least) make up product(s)! :) You can find Barry M's Natural Dazzle Bronzer in Boots & Superdrugs as well as online for £9.99 :D
Speak soon my beauts!

Lotsa love,



  1. you look so pretty love your eye makeup <3

  2. Love this FOTN very simple but sexy and that dress is super cute! xx

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  3. @Rakhshanda - Aww thank you so much hun! :) xoxo

    @Rhi - Haha thanks very much my lovely! Glad ya like & the dress is def one of my favs. And a bargain too as it was on sale! :) xoxo

  4. @Sana - aww what a lovely thing to say, thank you so much hun! :) xoxo


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